Some mornings you just want to go back to bed

A hästens bed in the SAS Gold Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda airport
A hästens bed in the SAS Gold Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda airport

The day starts with an angry alarm call at 5 am, a quick shower, a quick cup of coffee and then straight into a taxi, a train or a bus to the airport. It is way too early, it is pitch-dark outside and all you want is to go back to bed. You probably recognise the feeling…

And this was also the feeling this morning. So imagine both the joy and the frustration when it turned out the Swedish bed producer Hästens had a pop-up stand in the SAS Gold Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda airport, with a full-sized double bed on display. These beds are known to be quite expensive, but equally comfortable. And they have beddings in the same white and dark blue colour as the bed which are quite attractive.

I asked the salesman at the stand if would be allright to hop in the bed and take a quick nap before the flight, as it looked so inviting. He smiled but did not seem too happy with the idea. Well at least I left my business card, apparently one lucky winner will get a Hästens bed to bring home.

These pop-up stands are actually rather nice additions whenever you find them in airport lounges. As a frequent traveller there is something new to explore, to try or at least to look at during the visit. Well as long as the person working there is not too pushy, after all people come there for other reasons and should not be disturbed if they are not interested. And for the company, well they get to show their products to a lucrative group of customers. Definitely a win-win.

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