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Who am I running this website?

My interest in premium travels and frequent travels started in the 90’s, so to date I have over 20 years of premium travel experience, of which several years as a forum blogger and several years as a professional journalist.

I have completed nearly 2000 flights on well over 100 airlines. I have visited over 600 lounges at around 200 airports and I have stayed in over 300 hotels. And I have been a gold card holder in all three airline alliances since 2011, which means I have an equally good knowledge of all three alliances.

How many hours I have spent on trains I have no idea, but I can assure you I have done my fair share of train travels. And I do believe train travel is an important mode of transport which will be getting even more important in the future, especially for shorter trips in Europe.

What is the idea of the website?

MorePremium.com will be about my experiences, based on my knowledge and my own travel history. The reason for this is rather simple. Over the years I have learnt that this is what people want to read from me. My own thoughts and my own reflections, from the best seats to the best lounges, since I have so much experience in these areas. And this is what I will do here, to my very best ability.

I will try to be as professional and constructive as possible and try to justify my opinions, but at the end they are my opinions and you are free to agree or disagree.

You will also notice that the focus is on Europe and northern Europe in particular. A focus on European airlines, European airports and European hotel chains. This is where I have most of my knowledge and most of my experience.

What the website is not

There is a news section in the menu but as you may have noticed it is not the most extensive section on the website, and for very good reasons. I will rather devote my time to focus on what I am good at, sharing my knowledge and my experiences, rather than trying to be the first one to report about everything going on in the travel industry.

You will also notice that there will be little focus on campaigns and award trips. Although frequent flyer programs and loyalty programs are an integral part of premium travels and will be covered here, it will not be the main focus. There are plenty of other excellent websites out there explaining in detail how to maximise point earnings and how to book the perfect award trip. The focus here will be about the travel experience.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use the contact form.

But for now. Enjoy the website and happy reading!