Review: Weltbürger Lounge, Berlin Tegel Airport, Terminal C

Visited October 2017

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel

Where is it?

The Weltbürger Lounge is located in Terminal C, the terminal mainly used by Air Berlin for their European flights. The lounge is located airside in the Schengen transit hall for gates C60-C73. If starting the journey at Tegel airport it means using the security control to the right after entering the departure hall. It is also possible to reach the lounge if departing from gates C38-C57 by using the transfer bridge.

The lounge is located close to the passport control to non-Schengen gates C80-C85 and can easily be used when departing from these gates.

Access is not possible if departing from an A, B or D gate.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The entrance

How do I get in?

The lounge is mainly used by Air Berlin and is accessible to business class passengers as well as Topbonus Gold and Platinum, Etihad Guest Gold and Platinum and OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald members.

The lounge is also used by Air Serbia and S7 Airlines and occasionally by other partner airlines in the Etihad Group with similar access rules.

According to a sign at the entrance it is also possible to pay for access at the reception.

What’s it like?

Tegel airport is rarely thought of as a particularly nice airport and most lounges at the airport are old and worn and often struggle with capacity problems. Both the airport and the lounges were supposed to have been close by now. The Weltbürger Lounge is a surprisingly nice facility at this old and crowded airport.

The lounge opened in January 2017 in Terminal C as a dedicated lounge for Air Berlin. They offered “Exclusive waiting areas” or “Aircafes” at the airport for premium passengers for many years, which are not really proper lounges. The official lounge for Air Berlin has been the Air France lounge, which is rather inconvenient as it is located in terminal A.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The lounge building seen from the apron

The Weltbürger Lounge is actually a new and separate building, constructed next to the existing terminal C. The lounge is spread over three different floors.

The ground floor has the reception desk, the self -service buffet and the dining area.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The dining area on the ground floor with the reception and buffet in the background

The first floor has a cafe area and also some seating areas with sofas and comfortable armchairs.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The first floor
Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
Seating areas on the first floor

The second floor has the smoking area and the highlight of the lounge, the outdoor terrace.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The second floor
Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The outdoor terrace on the second floor

The interior is quite modern and the design and furniture are mostly in white, grey and wood. There is an excellent apron view from all three floors.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are available from the buffet on the ground floor.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
The self-service buffet area

The food selection is quite good with hot snacks, pies, pastries, donuts, crepes, some salads, bread rolls with cheese and ham, and soup. It is definitely possible to have a proper meal in the lounge.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
Food and snacks for self service

The drinks selection is slightly more limited with wine and beer, soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea. No spirits are offered.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
Drinks for self service


Free wireless internet is available throughout the lounge and there are some newspapers at the reception. There are also a few TVs. Restrooms are located outside the lounge.

Anything else not to miss?

Many people choose to stay on the ground floor, just after the reception where the buffet area and dining area are located but if the weather is nice and not too cold and if you have enough time, do make your way to the outdoor terrace on the second floor, which is a great facility.

Weltbürger Lounge Berlin Tegel
Great apron view from the outdoor terrace

Final impression

Possibly the best lounge at Berlin Tegel airport, a great new addition, especially for passengers travelling from terminal C. Nice interior, a decent selection of food, friendly staff and a great outdoor terrace with a very nice view of the apron.

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