The best seat in British Airways Club Europe on the ex-bmi Airbus A321

Seat 01A in British Aiways Club Europe on the ex-bmi Airbus A321
Seat 01A in British Aiways Club Europe on the ex-bmi Airbus A321

If you are lucky enough to get on one of the few British Airways Airbus A321 that used to belong to bmi British Midland and are booked in Club Europe (British Airways business class), then row 1 is certainly not a bad choice. And if you are travelling alone then go for seat 01A, if it is available. This is effectively what is referred to as ‘The Throne’ on most airlines.

You are seated on the first row, with no one next to you and no one in front of you and you will have a bit of extra legroom because of the bulkhead. And you will be the first passenger off the plane upon arrival and will have the lavatory just around the corner. And considering British Airways usually starts the inflight service from the front you will be one of the first passengers to be served during the meal service.

bmi British Midland was acquired by Brirtish Airways a few years ago and consequently the aircrafts were transferred to British Airways, with the original cabin interior and configuration, and for some reason British Airways decided not to change the cabin layout, keeping the original seats. Before the merger the aircrafts were used on mediumhaul routes, mostly to CIS countries and destinations such as Tbilisi and Baku. Nowadays they are mainly used from London Heathrow to mediumhaul destinations like Cairo and Tel Aviv, but also on some shorthaul services within Europe. Sometimes there can be a change of aircraft and you may get it on a flight to Amsterdam or Newcastle.

The Airbus A321 aircrafts have 23 seats in business class in a 1-2 or 2-1 configuration and 131 seats in economy class in a 3-3 configuration. There is a full inflight entertainment system onboard with private screens at all seats, in both classes.


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