The beer garden in the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Munich

The beer garden in the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Munich

If you are a frequent traveller through Munich airport and holding a Miles & More Senator card or a Star Alliance Gold card there is a good chance that you have visited one of the Senator lounges at the airport. There are currently five of them. But if you want to try something else, did you know about the Lufthansa Beer Garden in one of the business lounges?

Munich and Bavaria are obviously famous all around the world for its Oktoberfest beer festival, which attracts over six million visitors during 16 days, and which you will also notice at the airport. And in spite of its name the festival is actually mostly held in September.

The Bavarian Beer Garden, or Biergarten as it is called in German, is located in the Lufthansa Business Lounge in the Schengen area of the main terminal building, the building with the G-gates. The entrance is opposite gate G28 and if you start your journey in Munich you will find the lounge right after the security control, just around the corner on your right hand side.

The beer garden

The Lufthansa Lounge opposite gate G28 has both a Senator Lounge (for gold card holders) to the left of the reception desk and a Business Lounge to the right of the reception desk.  The beer garden is located in the Business Lounge, to the right of the reception desk and on top of the stairs.

The Business Lounge is very spacious measuring 1100 sqm with seating for around 300 guests. You will find the beer garden immediately in front of the staircase, impossible to miss.

The Biergarten is sponsored by the Bavarian Franziskaner brewery

The beer garden is sponsored by Franziskaner, one of the famous breweries in Munich which is also has a tent at the Oktoberfest beer festival. In the beer garden area will find traditional wooden benches and tables and a rather cool ceiling with a traditional Alpine landscape.

The cool ceiling

And obviously there is also beer available, on tap and in proper Bavarian beer glasses. Not at the beer garden though but at the self-service buffet counter, which is not far away. And you will usually find both traditional beer and Weißbier, Wheat beer. Usually there are also some traditional pretzels available.

Traditional wooden benches

This is a cool place if you are getting tired of the traditional lounges, which all look pretty much the same, and want to try something else.

To get in here you need a Lufthansa, Lufthansa Group or Star Alliance same-day ticket in first class or business class, a Miles & More Frequent Traveller or Senator card or a Star Alliance Gold card.

If you have a Star Alliance Gold card or a Miles & More Senator card you will most likely be directed to the superior Senator Lounge, but you are obviously free to visit the Business Lounge instead if you want. Just tell them you want to visit the beer garden.

Another fun option if you have a gold card is to visit the Lufthansa Senator Cafe, the old Lufthansa First Class Lounge which has now been made into a Senator lounge cafe with a manned bar and a barista. Not the right place to visit if you want to eat properly, but a great place if you are looking for a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, a glass of wine and a tasty snack.

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