Review: SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Terminal 4

Visited August 2019

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4

Where is it?

The SAS Domestic Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda airport is located in terminal 4, which is the domestic terminal used for all SAS domestic flights to destinations in Sweden.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The entrance in the transit hall with the lift to the left

The entrance to the lounge is airside in the transit hall between gates 37 and 39. The lounge is clearly signposted. Take the lift or the stairs to the lounge, which is located one floor above the main transit hall.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The small staircase leading to the lounge

How do I get in?

You will get in flying SAS Plus or holding an SAS EuroBonus Gold or Diamond or a Star Alliance Gold card when flying the same day with SAS, irrespective of cabin class.

Although the lounge is meant for passengers travelling on domestic flights from terminal 4 you will get in if you have a boarding pass for an international flight, for example if you transfer from a domestic flight at terminal 4 to an international flight at terminal 5. However the SAS international lounges in terminal 5 are vastly superior in pretty much every aspect.

What’s it like?

After exiting from the lift or the staircase there are automatic gates where you scan your boarding pass. If you are eligible to bring a guest inside you will also be asked about this on a screen.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The automatic gates

The SAS Domestic Lounge has been around since the 90’s, in exactly the same place and with pretty much the same size. However nowadays, more than 20 years later, far more passengers use it and nowadays it is also available to SAS Plus passengers, a premium cabin class which did not exist back then. On weekdays during peak times, in the morning and the late afternoon/evenings, the lounge can be packed to the limits.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
Inside the lounge

Straight after the automatic gates there is a lobby with the buffet area and the restrooms to the right. On the left hand side there are some seating areas, mostly suitable for quick visits or for those who want to work during the visit.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The corridor leading to the main lounge

As you continue through the small corridor you reach the main part of the lounge, which is like a living room with armchairs.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The main part of the lounge with the TV in the far right corner

There is a TV is the far right corner while closer to the entrance there is a bar table. They have really tried to make best use of the limited space to add as many seats as possible without making it look and feel too crowded.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The bar table and a decent apron view

There is a good view through the windows overlooking parts of the apron at terminal 4 and parts of the apron at concourse B at terminal 5. You can also see parts of the western runway.

Food and drinks

The selection of food is much more limited than in the SAS lounges in terminal 5 for international passengers. Food and drinks are available for self service in the buffet area by the entrance.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
The self-service buffet area

Throughout the day bread rolls and cheese are available as well as fresh fruits, crips and cookies. Porridge is available in the morning and later during the day there may be some kind of soup. However there is not much substantial to eat.

SAS Domestic Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda, Terminal 4
Bread rolls, butter and cheese

There is a coffee machine offering coffee and tea and a soda dispenser with sodas and juices. Later during the day red and white wine as well as beer are available. However there are no spirits.


Restrooms are available inside the lounge but there are no showers.

There is free wireless internet and there used to be some desktop internet computers available, but these have been removed now. Newspapers are no longer offered in the SAS lounges but you can download newspapers free of charge using the SAS app.

Final impression

A basic lounge with a basic selection of food and drinks which can become very crowded at peak times. However it does offer a decent apron view and it is still better to have a small domestic lounge than no lounge at all.

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