Dinner in British Airways Club Europe London-Manchester

British Airways Club Europe London Heathrow-Manchester
British Airways Club Europe London Heathrow-Manchester

Dinner in British Airways Club Europe (shorthaul business class) London Heathrow-Manchester. Really impressed to see the service level from British Airways on a flight lasting 37 minutes. Roastbeef with some kind of mustard sauce for dinner with the lovely Do&Co chocolate mousse for dessert.

But how do you maximise a flight of this length from the a passenger’s point of view? Well selecting a seat on the first row certainly helps, since you will be one of the first passengers to be served, so I selected seat 01D. And if you are thirsty, order a double of whatever you plan to drink straight away, especially if there are many rows of business class and it will take some time before the cabin crew pass your seat again on the way back to the galley.

And excellent service from the crew during the flight, especially from purser Alex. I was even offered a refill of the G&T later during the flight, which was served in a plastic glass so I could enjoy it all the way to the gate.

British Airways Club Europe London Heathrow-Manchester
Seat 01D, a perfect seat if you want to maximise the service in business class on a short flight
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