Review: Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

Visited March 2018

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup

Where is it?

The lounge is located in the Schengen transit hall, at the end of the shopping area close to concourse A with the entrance just above one of the duty free shops.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
The lounge with the stairs and lift to the lounge to the right

How do I get in?

The lounge is currently used by airlines such as Air France, KLM and Finnair and it is possible to enter using for example Priority Pass.

It is also possible to pay to enter and sometimes there are weekend offers available.

What’s it like?

The lounge opened in December 2017 and is not the average airport lounge but a very cool and hip place with a rather unusual concept and design.

Five different colours are used for the interior which all represent different themes. Yellow, orange and red are designed for the leisure traveller who wants to relax and have some fun and these areas are all located on the upper floor to the left and to the right of the reception desk.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
The Atelier concept

There is a large red, orange and yellow area to the left of the reception with seats and tables. This is obviously the area where most guests will decide to stay after having registered at the reception as it is the first area you see when entering the lounge.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
The reception desk and the seating areas on the upper floor

To the right of the reception there is a second seating area, this one in red, or perhaps purple, and it is much smaller. So this would also be a leisure area according to the concept. There are a few comfortable sofas and armchairs in this area.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
More seating areas on the upper floor

Just behind the reception desk there is a staircase leading down to the lower floor, the green and blue areas. There are far fewer guests who make it down here and just as advertised the atmosphere is calm and quiet.

This is a much better choice if you need to get some work done or simply prefer a quiet place. There are several seating areas in this area as well with basically the same furniture as on the upper floor.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
The lower floor
Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
Dining area and self-service buffet on the lower floor

Food and drinks

There are two self-service buffet and bar areas in the lounge, one on the upper floor and one on the lower floor. The selection of food and drinks is basically the same in both areas. During non-peak hours they sometimes only keep the buffet area on the upper floor open and stocked.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
Food and snacks

The selection is quite nice and fairly innovative with sandwiches, salads and vegetables. There are also cheeses and crackers, miniature desserts, pastries, cakes and various snacks.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup

There are also a few hot items, there seems to be three in total, with an Asian dish and another one which was chicken with rice during the test visit. All served in small bowls.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
Hot food

At the self-service bar there are coffee and tea, a soda dispenser, two red and two white wines, three different beers on tap and a standard selection of spirits.

Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
The self-service bar area
Atelier Lounge, Copenhagen Kastrup
Wine and spirits


Free wireless internet is available and there are newspapers and magazines at the reception desk.

Restrooms are also available inside the lounge.

Final impression

This is a cool lounge with a very innovative design that has not really been tried anywhere else before with different colours used for the different areas depending on the purpose. The buffet selection is also quite innovative and the drinks selection, although not spectacular, is definitely not bad.

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