The Wi-Fi network is strictly for lounge guests only…

Wi-Fi code for the Avia Lounge at Rome Fiumicino airport
Wi-Fi code for the Avia Lounge at Rome Fiumicino airport

It is perfectly understandable that the lounge operators do not want others to use their Wi-Fi services. Firstly as they have not paid to use it by not having access to the lounge. And secondly, in order to keep a decent connection speed for the guests who are actually in the lounge. But some lounges seem to have taken this a little bit too far.

Just visited the third-party Avia Lounge at Rome Fiumicino airport and at the reception desk I was given this piece of paper with the password for the Wi-Fi network in the lounge.

And well, there are no words, or rather there is a word, absurdity. It took three attempts to get it completely right. Well there will certainly not be any unauthorised access to the network, that for sure.

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