Review: T.E.I. LOUNGE, Tokyo Narita Airport, Terminal 1

Visited July 2013

TEI Lounge, Tokyo Narita Terminal 1
TEI Lounge, Tokyo Narita Terminal 1

Where is it?

The T.E.I. Lounge is located landside in terminal 1. The entrance is on the 5th floor of the central building, right between the North Wing and the South Wing.

How do I get in?

Various lounge cards and credit cards get you in such as Diners Club, Priority Pass and Dragonpass.

TEI Lounge, Tokyo Narita Terminal 1
The entrance

What’s it like?

The T.E.I. Lounge is not really an airport lounge in the traditional sense and the sign above the entrance, where it says “Business & Travel Support Center”, explains this quite accurately. The T.E.I. Lounge is a place to grav a cup of coffee, check your e-mails and get some work done in a relaxed and quiet environment before or after a flight. You may arrive at the airport before check-in opens or you may have some time to kill after a flight while waiting for a train or a bus from the airport.

There are sofas and armchairs in the small lounge divided into different seating areas and there is a manned reception desk where you can get some help with various business services such as copying and printing.

TEI Lounge, Tokyo Narita Terminal 1
Seating areas in the lounge

Food and drinks

The small coffee corner offers coffee, tea and various soft drinks for self service. There are no alcoholic drinks and there is virtually nothing to eat.

TEI Lounge, Tokyo Narita Terminal 1
Coffee, tea and soft drinks


Free wireless internet is provided, there are some internet computers and there is a selection with newspapers and magazines, most of them in Japanese. Various business services are offered at the reception desk.

Final impression

A small landside lounge with coffee, tea and soft drinks where you can relax, check your e-mails and get some work done before or after a flight. But the T.E.I. Lounge is not a full-service lounge and there is very little to eat and drink.

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