A very late evening Finnair business class snack

Finnair business class snack Helsinki-Stockholm
A late night Finnair business class snack Helsinki-Stockholm

A very late evening snack in Finnair business class on one of the last shorthaul flights out of Helsinki airport at 11.30 pm. A turkey and gouda cheese sandwich and drinks, including a full bar service with wine, beer, champagne, probably some spirits, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

A bit too late for a coffee when planning to go to bed soon after landing but I happily accepted a bottle of champagne. Finnair serve the Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, a rather good brand for intra-European business class.

But flying business class on the Embraer 190 is much less of a hit. A 2-2 configuration throughout the aircraft but with no blocked adjacent seat in business class. The premium cabin had four rows on this flight and all seats were taken. Not much of a premium experience. Perhaps not a huge deal on a one-hour flight, but Finnair also uses the Embraer aircrafts on much longer flights within Europe.

But at least hands up for offering a decent champagne onboard, and the service is pretty much always very friendly and attentive on Finnair.

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Finnair Embraer 190 at Helsinki Airport
Finnair Embraer 190 at Helsinki Airport
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