A very colourful breakfast in KLM intra-Europe business class

A very colourful breakfast in KLM business class
A very colourful breakfast in KLM business class

Airline breakfasts are rarely anything to get terribly excited about, even if travelling in business class or first class. I mean, how much can you do with scrambled eggs, some sausages and an omelette? Possibly you can work a bit on the presentation, perhaps offer a few more options, but that is pretty much it.

Whenever I fly in a premium cabin, especially if the purpose is to really enjoy the flight and make the most of the experience, I usually try to book a flight leaving after noon.

Yesterday morning I flew in KLM business class from Amsterdam to Madrid on a morning flight leaving at 7.35 am. Naturally there would be a breakfast service onboard and naturally I was happy to get some breakfast on the plane, so I could sleep a bit longer on the ground. But I did not really expect any major surprises, just another breakfast that would be forgotten two hours later.

A very colourful breakfast in KLM business class
Pancakes and blueberry yoghurt

There were two choices of hot breakfast: chive omelette or apple pancakes, and I chose the latter. And I was really positively surprised when the tray arrived. What a lovely presentation. This was definitely one of the most colourful breakfast I have had in years, possibly since I started flying, and honestly I cannot even remember the last time I was genuinely impressed when a breakfast tray arrived on a flight. This time I was.

A very colourful breakfast in KLM business class
Nice tropical fresh fruits

I gave my compliments to the purser and even sent a small note of appreciation to KLM afterwards. Well done!

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