Review: Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Visited July 2019

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki

Where is it?

The lounge is located airside in the non-Schengen area of the transit hall. The entrance is close to gate 52. Follow the signs for the Finnair lounges.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The rather stylish entrance

The entrance to the new Platinum Wing is different from the old entrance and it also looks completely different. Upon entering there is a rather spacious lounge lobby area with the reception desk. The Platinum Wing is to the left of the reception desk, the new Business Lounge to the right.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
Parts of the spacious lounge lobby with the entrance to the Platinum Wing to the left

How do I get in?

To get in you need to have a Finnair Platinum, a Finnair Platinum Lumo or a OneWorld Emerald card, and you need to travel on a Finnair or a OneWorld flight the same day. You also need to travel on a longhaul flight or on a shorthaul flight to a non-Schengen destination such as the UK or Russia. In most cases you will also get in when connecting from a longhaul flight to a shorthaul flight.

Finnair and OneWorld business class passengers without Finnair Platinum or OneWorld Emerald status as well as OneWorld Sapphire and Finnair Gold members are directed to the business lounge nextdoor.

What’s it like?

The new Finnair Platinum Wing has seating for 155 guests and is larger than the old Finnair Premium Lounge. According to the Finnair webpage the idea is “to offer a sense of calm before the flight” with “different spaces furnished with soft natural textures and textiles”.

That description is pretty accurate. The design is completely different from the old Premium Lounge which was more focused on innovative design. The Platinum Wing on the other hand offers what can best be described as understated luxury. It is very elegant, but in a Nordic minimalistic kind of way. Most of the interior is in white, grey and black.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
Inside the lounge

The first thing you see upon entering the lounge is the very elegant manned bar, which is also extremely well-stocked.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The manned bar and the entrance behind it to the left

The main seating area is to the right upon entering, between the bar and the dining area. There are plenty of cubicle seating in this area and they all have individual lighting as well as in-seat power and USB-ports.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The very stylish interior with the cubicle seats

Right behind the restaurang and dining area is the ‘living room’ with most of the interior in dark blue colours. In this area you will find comfortable sofas and armchairs in grey, dark blue and purple.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The living room

The atmosphere in the living room is relaxed and most of the time this area is fairly quiet. This is a perfect spot if you are looking for somewhere quiet and secluded, away from the main lounge.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The living room is mostly quiet

There are also some armchairs by the window and this is the only part of the lounge which has any kind of view. The apron view from in there is not exceptional by any means but you do get to see parts of the non-Schengen apron, which means plenty of Finnair widebody aircrafts.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
A limited apron view from the living room

There is also another seating area to the left of the manned bar, on the left hand side when entering the lounge, which is rather well hidden. Few people probably even notice this area.

The last seating area

Food and drinks

Hot and cold food and snacks are available from the early morning until midnight from the very spacious self-service buffet area.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The self-service buffet area and dining area

In the morning you will find various breakfast items and starting from late morning you will find starters, snacks, cold cuts and always a few hot dishes.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The self-service buffet

There is also a circular table in the middle of this area. In the morning you will find various cold breakfast items here such as cereals, bread rolls and pastries. Later during the day you will find cheese, desserts and petit fours on this table.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The small circular table in the morning

There is a rather spacious dining area next to the self-service buffet where you can dine properly.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The dining area

From noon until 5 pm there is also an a la carte service in the lounge with an a la carte menu. There are always three main courses and two desserts to choose between.

At this time a lounge attendant will be working in the dining area taking orders and also offering wines at the table. When the a la carte menu is offered there is also a proper table setting on all tables with a printed menu, napkins and Iittala glasses. There is no a la carte menu available in the morning and not in the evening after 5 pm, but there will always be some hot food available at the buffet.

Read a review of an a la carte lunch in the Platinum Wing here!

Lunch in the Finnair Platinum Wing in Helsinki
A la carte lunch in the Platinum Wing

Alcoholic drinks are available at the very stylish manned bar and the selection is nothing but fantastic. On top of that the staff at the bar are both friendly and accommodating and can also mix cocktails. There is even a printed drink list available.

Read more about the manned bar and see the drinks selection here!

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The elegant manned bar

There are for example two types of champagne on offer, six different red wines of decent quality, and plenty of spirits with seven different types of gin, including some nice Nordic brands such as Napue Gin, Arctic Blue Gin, Kyrö Malt Rye Gin and the Swedish Hernö Gin.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
Excellent selection of champagnes, wines and spirits


Showers and restrooms are available in the lounge. Although there is no proper business centre there is free Wi-Fi available and the cubicle seats have both power sockets and USB-ports. There are also some newspapers and magazines by the entrance.

In the ‘living room’ there is also a phone booth.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The phone booth

Anything else not to miss?

Just like in the old Premium Lounge there is a sauna in the Platinum Wing, with a new and improved concept. There are proper, and much more spacious, dressing rooms for men and women and there is now also a lounge area outside the sauna.

Read more about the sauna in the Platinum Wing here!

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The dressing room

The sauna itself is about the same size as the old one in the Premium Lounge, but with a different design.

Finnair Platinum Wing, Helsinki
The sauna

Final impression

The new Finnair Platinum Wing is incredibly impressive. It has everything you may need, all of it at top quality and the interior is very elegant. Although there are some rather nice first class lounges in Europe this must be one of the very best platinum lounges available and without any doubt the best lounge in the Nordic countries. The Finnair lounges have improved so much in recent years and the Platinum Wing is no exception.

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