SAS upgrades to a new and faster Wi-Fi service onboard

SAS Wi-Fi Onboard logo
SAS Wi-Fi Onboard

SAS has signed an agreement with ViaSat to offer a faster Wi-Fi service onboard its shorthaul and mediumhaul fleet with speeds of 12 Mbps and higher to each passenger. The idea is that passengers should also be able to watch TV and stream music and movies onboard.

The first aircrafts will be equipped with the new Wi-Fi service during the second half of 2017 and the service will be free for eligible EuroBonus members and passengers in SAS Plus.

Another interesting aspect with the new service is that passengers will be able to use it gate-to-gate, all the way from boarding at the departure airport until the aircraft has parked at the destination.

The new system will also be used by the cabin crew who are currently being equipped with iPads with better information about the flight and the passengers. This also includes information such as connecting flight, EuroBonus and the possibility to assist passengers with car rentals and taxi bookings.

SAS app on mobile phone
The SAS app, Photo: SAS

“Many of our customers are frequent flyers and we play an important part in the lives of many people. The upgrade we implemented on our long haul aircraft gained a very positive reception and we are now upgrading our short and medium haul fleet, which will also include high-speed WiFi with speeds that enable time on board to be utilized for work or to relax and enjoy a streamed movie or TV series. As both passengers and crew on board are now  connected, we can take our personal service to greater heights while continuing to develop our digital, smart solutions that make life easier,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS.

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