Review: Oshoto Lounge, Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport, Terminal 2

Visited December 2017

Oshoto Lounge, Windhoek Hosea Kutako
Oshoto Lounge, Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport

Where is it?

The Oshoto Lounge has a rather strange location. Is is located airside after security control but before passport control. These are located just a few metres apart but there is in fact a door on the left hand side right between the two leading to a corridor where the lounge is located.

There is a small sign by the door but most people will probably pass both the door and the sign without noticing any of them, unless you have read about the location of the lounge beforehand and you actively look for it. Also, as the lounge is located before passport control it may be problematic for international passengers who have already passed passport control to go back to the lounge and will end up in the new Amushe Lounge no matter what.

How do I get in?

Most airlines seem to use the newer Amushe Lounge in the transit hall so it was not clear at the door to the Oshoto Lounge if any airlines have contracted the lounge. But it is at least available to Priority Pass holders and for payment.

What’s it like?

Oshoto Lounge used to be the name of the old main lounge at the airport, which based on the photos on the internet used to be where the current Amushe Lounge is located in the transit hall. Nowadays Oshoto Lounge has a very strange location and most passengers probably do not even know there is a second lounge at the airport.

After passing through a somewhat dark corridor the entrance to the lounge is on the right where there is also a small desk to sort out the access.

The lounge itself has a rather old design with armchairs and sofas in two different rooms. The lounge is completely windowless but there are some nice art on the walls.

Oshoto Lounge, Windhoek Hosea Kutako
A rather old design

The main benefit of the lounge is that very few passengers know about it and since very few passengers find it by a coincidence it is usually rather empty and quiet. Although the Amushe Lounge is nicer there are also far more people using it.

Food and drinks

The self-service buffet and the bar area are located in a separate buffet room, a third room. There is a small self-service buffet with some proper hot food (spaghetti bolognese during the visit) and also some snacks and pastries.

There is a manned bar where it is possible to order draft beer, wine and spirits. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are available for self service.

Oshoto Lounge, Windhoek Hosea Kutako
The buffet room with the manned bar


Newspapers are available inside the lounge, there is a TV and free wireless internet (with the password on the tables).

Restrooms are located just outside the lounge in the corridor.

Final impression

The location of the lounge is strange between security control and passport control and most people will pass the entrance without noticing it. The design is somewhat old but as few people find it the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, the service is very attentive and food and drinks perfectly adequate.

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