A great benefit of flying LOT business class, also on shorthaul flights

Hendrick's gin in LOT business class
Hendrick's gin in LOT business class

If you decide to fly LOT and enjoy a gin & tonic every now and then there is a great benefit of choosing business class (or in most cases also LOT premium economy). They actually serve the excellent and very tasty Hendrick’s gin onboard, even on shorthaul flights lasting about an hour or so. In most cases the cabin crew will pour the gin & tonic for you on the trolley or in the galley but occasionally you may also get the bottle, and it is a proper Hendrick’s bottle, or a miniature version of it.

However just like on airlines such as British Airways the drinks selection differs slightly between economy class (where buy onboard is offered on LOT flights) and the premium cabins. If you fly economy class you will not even get the option to purchase a bottle of Hendrick’s, instead there will be another gin available for purchase (previously Beefeater, currently the London’s Gin No1).

Hendrick's gin in LOT business class
A Hendrick’s gin and tonic, a cup of coffee and the signature LOT chocolate bar
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