Review: British Airways/Aarhus Airport Lounge, Aarhus Airport

Visited April 2018

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
British Airways Aarhus Lounge

Where is it?

The British Airways lounge, sometimes called ‘Aarhus Airport Lounge’ (as it is not a British Airways Lounge in the traditional sense) is located airside in the transit hall and can be reached using the stairs next to gate 3.

The transit hall is very small and there are several signs for the lounge. The stairs are impossible to miss.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
The stairs to the lounge in the transit hall

How do I get in?

The lounge can be accessed by full-fare passengers on British Airways/Sun Air of Scandinavia (booking class Y and B) and passengers holding a British Airways Silver or Gold card. The lounge is not a proper OneWorld lounge and is not mentioned in the lounge finder on the OneWorld webpage, but possibly Sapphire and Emerald members of other OneWorld programs may get access as well.

Finnair business class passengers and Finnair Silver, Gold and Platinum members travelling on Finnair from Aarhus also get access.

The lounge is open from around one hour before the departure of the flight, which usually means from around 6.30 am in the morning and again from around 4 pm in the afternoon. The lounge is managed by the cafe in the transit hall and passengers arriving earlier than that can enquire at the cafe as the staff are sometimes happy to open the lounge a bit earlier in case the door to the lounge is locked.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
Access rules

What’s it like?

The lounge is located on the first floor in what could possibly have been a ramp tower in the past with a nice view overlooking the apron and the runway through the windows. Although it is not a traditional British Airways Lounge with the standard Terraces or Galleries lounge concepts it is operated as a BA lounge with BA branding.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
Inside the lounge

The lounge is small, very small, with seating for 20-25 guests. There are four sofas, a couple of armchairs and extra seating by the wall. But with just six British Airways departures per day, all operated by Dornier aircrafts with around 35 seats, it is usually enough.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
Seating areas and the self-service buffet
British Airways Aarhus Lounge
Apron view

Food and drinks

There is a small self-service buffet in the corner with drinks and snacks.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge

There are small bottles with red and white wine. As a fun coincidence they serve the Dornier wine, just like the aircraft type BA/Sun Air operates from Aarhus. There are also smoothies, sodas, Carlsberg beer and small bottles of water. There is also a coffee machine.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
Coffee machine

The selection of snacks is limited to fresh fruits and packages with nuts (the same ones served in British Airways Club Europe). There are also Snickers, Twix and Bounty chocolates.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
Red wine and nuts


Free wireless internet is available, there are some Danish newspapers and a screen with the departure board.

Restrooms are located downstairs in the main transit hall.

British Airways Aarhus Lounge
The stairs to the lounge and the departure board

Final impression

A very small lounge which itself is nothing special. But on the other hand it is impressive to even find a lounge in Aarhus, a small airport with just six regional BA flights per day. Reasonable selection of drinks, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi and a nice apron view.

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