Review: British Airways Terraces Lounge, Newcastle Airport

Visited November 2017

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
British Airways Lounge Newcastle

Where is it?

The British Airways lounge in Newcastle is located airside close to the gate areas. Although Newcastle airport is quite a small airport the lounge is surprisingly hard to find. To get to the lounge you leave the transit hall and shopping area and follow the signs towards the gates. After passing the Aspire Lounge on the right and a small shop on the left you see two doors in front of you leading to two different gate areas. Go through the door to the right, make a sharp right turn and continue through the corridor towards the baggage reclaim. You will find the British Airways lounge on your right hand side.

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
The entrance to the lounge

How do I get in?

British Airways Club Europe/business class passengers get in as well as passengers with a British Airways Silver or Gold card or a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald card. At the time of visit in November 2017 British Airways was the only OneWorld carrier operating at Newcastle airport but in case any other OneWorld airline would start flying to Newcastle the lounge would naturally also be available per OneWorld rules.

What’s it like?

The lounge has the older Terraces concept. Although it is beginning to show its age it is still a fairly pleasant concept and provides a relaxed and laid-down atmosphere, much like an outdoor terrace somewhere along the Mediterranean sea.

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
Inside the lounge with the reception desk and the different seating areas

The lounge is basically just one large room with armchairs and sofas in different seating areas. Bookshelves and glass walls are used to divide the room into different areas. The reception desk is located in one of the corners.

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
The interior with the Terraces lounge design

Food and drinks

The self service buffet area is located just behind the reception desk and offers breakfast in the morning with bread rolls, fruit salad, yoghurt and pastries. Later during the day finger sandwiches, fruits, cookies and snacks are offered but no hot food.

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
The self service buffet area

Just like in most British Airways lounges there is a very well-stocked bar area in the lounge with a large selection of beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks for self service. The bar is the highlight of the lounge, the selection would have been above average in most airport lounges in the world and is really impressive for such a small lounge at an outstation airport like Newcastle.

Coffee machines are available in the buffet area.

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
The bar area
British Airways Lounge Newcastle
Beer, soft drinks and spirits for self service
British Airways Lounge Newcastle
Red wine and cocktail snacks for self service


There are a few TVs in the lounge and a good selection of newspapers and magazines. Free Wi-Fi is provided and there is also a small business centre with internet computers.

British Airways Lounge Newcastle
Business centre

Restrooms are available in the lounge but no showers.

Boarding announcements are usually made in the lounge and the gate for the London flights is usually the closest one to the lounge, just a 30 seconds walk.

Final impression

Most British Airways lounges keep a good standard and although the lounge in Newcastle has the older Terraces concept it is still a pleasant lounge to visit. The highlight is the well-stocked bar, incredibly impressive for such a small lounge. Breakfast, finger sandwiches and snacks to eat but no hot food.

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