Probably the smallest lounge I have ever visited – at Newquay Cornwall airport

Executive Lounge, Newquay Cornwall
Executive Lounge, Newquay Cornwall

With seating for only 12 guests this must be the smallest lounge I have ever visited. The lounge in question is the Executive Lounge at Newquay airport, located in Cornwall in the south-western part of England. This is a popular region for holidaymakers during the summer when there are many seasonal routes to Newquay airport.

Giving a description of the lounge is easy. A few black armchairs and sofas, a TV, a small buffet area in the corner and a panorama window in the small adjacent room with a view of the apron.

Executive Lounge, Newquay Cornwall
The buffet corner

But the lounge is surprisingly nice, tidy and well-maintained. There are many larger lounges in the world that are far worse in terms of design, furniture and cleanliness.

A glass of white wine, a croissant, a banana and a danish. Coffee and tea can be ordered from the cafe just outside by showing the lounge receipt as there is no coffee machine in the lounge. Actually a rather pleasant way to wait for the flight in a very nice region of the United Kingdom. Very nice to see such a small regional airport making an effort.

In order to use the lounge you need to register at the information desk in the departure hall next to the check-in desks. After registration you will be given the access code to the lounge, which you enter on a pin pad next to the door. This is very important as the lounge is unmanned and there is no way to register airside after you have passed the security control.

Executive Lounge, Newquay Cornwall
White wine, fruits and pastries
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