Review: SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest Airport

Visited February 2017

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest interior
SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest

Where is it?

As the name suggests the lounge is located in SkyCourt (or rather next to the SkyCourt), which is the large shopping area in the Schengen part of terminal 2 at Budapest airport. The lounge is located on the first floor, to the right after the escalator, and is quite easy to find.

How do I get in?

A large number of airlines use the lounge, which are shown next to the entrance. It is also possible to visit the lounge using various cards.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest entrance
The entrance

What’s it like?

This used to be the old Malev Lounge in Budapest, their flagship lounge and possibly only lounge. But as Malev went bankrupt in 2012 the lounge was made into a third-party lounge and is now used by many other airlines.

The interior has not changed much since the Malev days. In fact it does not seem to have changed at all with the exception of some minor changes in the buffet area.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest reception
The lobby area with the reception desk

The lounge is divided into three different sections. Just after entering the lounge there is a lobby area with the reception desks, some armchairs, a small dining area and, further down the lobby, the large buffet area.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest interior
The lobby area with the entrance to the smaller seating area

After passing the reception there is a smaller room with seating areas to the right. This is mostly used as a dining area with appropriate seating, although there are a few armchairs here as well.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest restaurant area
Tables in the dining area

To the left of the lobby there is a much larger room with mostly armchairs in blue and black. There are some TVs here as well and this is the place to go if you come to the lounge to relax.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest seating area
The larger room with comfortable armchairs
SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest restaurant area
Comfortable seating

Food and drinks

The self-service buffet area is located in the lobby area just after the reception and is quite spacious with a decent selection of cold cuts, snacks, pastries and a wide selection of drinks.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest self-service buffet
The large self-service buffet area

There are plenty of snacks, pastries, desserts and cookies to eat as well as crisps and fruits.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest snacks
Snacks for self service

Although there is no proper hot food there are some cold cuts, vegetables and salads available as well as croissants with ham and cheese and some soup.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest snacks
Cold cuts, snacks and desserts

The drinks selection is quite decent as well with beer and wine, spirits, a coffee machine and a fridge with soft drinks.

SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest spirits
Wine and spirits
SkyCourt Lounge, Budapest beer and soft drinks
Beer and soft drinks


Newspapers are available from a rack, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the lounge and there are several TVs, mostly in the larger room. There are restrooms in the lounge but no showers.

Final impression

The SkyCourt lounge has been around for some time. I visited it in 2011 when it was owned and run by Malev and little has changed since then. It is starting to look a bit worn and tired and a facelift would certainly not be a bad idea. Nowadays there are other lounges at the airport which are much more pleasant to use when it comes to design and atmosphere. The best thing about the lounge though is the selection of food and drinks, which is not bad, and it is also the largest lounge at the airport.

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