Review: Salzburg Airport Business Lounge, Salzburg Airport

Visited March 2018

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Salzburg Airport Business Lounge

Where is it?

The lounge is located airside after security control, but not really in the main transit hall where the airside shops, restaurants and gates are located. Instead there is a separate fast track security control located right behind the check-in desks, available to people who want to visit the business lounge, which in the vast majority of cases also mean passengers who travel in business class or who possess a gold card. There is a small sign above the door next to the check-in area where it says “Business Lounge”, which is the right way.

After the fast track security control the door to the lounge is just around the corner, impossible to miss.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
The entrance

After the visit you pass through another security control, which is not in use, and then through an automatic door which takes you to the main transit hall where the gates are located.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
The reception desk

How do I get in?

The lounge is used by most full-service airlines for business class passengers and gold card holders such as Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways and Finnair.

However the regular lounge cards such as Priority Pass are not excepted, mostly because of the small size. However it is possible to buy access to the lounge, subject to space, which is done at the information counter in the departure hall before security control (rather than at the reception desk of the lounge).

What’s it like?

The lounge is very small and compact measuring only 80 sqm with seating for no more than 25 guests, which explains why the lounge is generally not available to walk-in guests.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Inside the small lounge

However they have used the small space wisely. There are several comfortable brown leather armchairs, a couple of restaurant-style seats and table in the centre of the lounge if you want to eat properly, and a couple of bar stools next to the buffet area, which are suitable for quick visits.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Seating areas
Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Stylish and comfortable armchairs

The design is very modern, stylish and very well-maintained. You can easily notice the lounge is quite new.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Bar stools

Food and drinks

For a small lounge the selection of food and drinks is quite impressive, everything is available for self service from the buffet area.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
The self-service buffet area

The food selection includes sandwiches and cold starters, fruit salads, yoghurt and desserts.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Food and snacks

In the evening there is also hot food available, during the visit this included schnitzel with potato salad and lingonberry jelly.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge

The selection of drinks is also impressive and includes two Austrian red and white wines as well as one sparkling wine. There are also beers, coffee, tea and all kinds of soft drinks.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Wine and soft drinks

The selection of spirits is also fairly good and includes not only the standard bottles of vodka, gin and whisky but also some Austrian liqueurs.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge


A small number of newspapers and magazines are available from a rack next to the reception desk were there is also a TV. Free wireless internet is provided throughout the airport.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
The multi-purpose furniture with both newspapers, magazines and a TV

Restrooms are located just outside the lounge.

There is also a good view of the apron from the lounge.

Salzburg Airport Business Lounge
Apron view

Final impression

A very small but very pleasant lounge with a very stylish interior and surprisingly good selection of hot food, snacks, and drinks.

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