Review: Aspire Plus Lounge, Newcastle Airport

Visited November 2017

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle

Where is it?

The Aspire Plus Lounge is located in the transit hall, on the right hand side when leaving the shopping area and heading for the gates. There are many signs and the lounge is impossible to miss. The entrance and reception is the same as for the regular Aspire Lounge.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
The entrance to the Aspire Lounge

How do I get in?

The Aspire Lounge is used by most full-service airlines operating at the airport for their business class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers with the exception of British Airways, using its own lounge. It is also possible to access the lounge using some lounge cards and credit cards.

Eligible passengers can then pay 15 GBP extra to enter the Aspire Plus Lounge, which is reviewed below, rather than the standard Aspire Lounge.

The Aspire Plus lounge is also available to any departing passenger, either by pre-booking or by purchasing access at the reception on the day of departure. In most cases it is cheaper to book the lounge visit in advance.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
The entrance to the Aspire Plus Lounge

What’s it like?

The Aspire Plus Lounge is located inside the regular Aspire Lounge, after the reception there is a door on the left hand side. It is used as a premium pay-in lounge for those who are looking for a better airport experience in a quiet space with less people and better food and drinks. The Aspire Plus lounge is adults-only, no children allowed.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
The entrance to the Aspire Plus Lounge after the reception

The interior differs completely from the standard Aspire lounge. The design in the Plus lounge is much more elegant in brown, grey, black and steel. A significant difference compared to the regular lounge.

Food and drinks

The food selection is not very different from the standard lounge with hot breakfast items in the morning, including scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages. Later during the day hot dishes are offered which change once a month, and there is always a vegetarian option.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
The buffet and bar area

There are also sandwiches, snacks and pastries available throughout the day.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
The bar

The major difference is the drinks selection. In contrast to the standard Aspire lounge wine and beer are available for self service and the selection is slightly better. Aspire Plus guests can also order spirits, cocktails and sparkling wine (prosecco) free of charge, some of which you have to pay for in the regular lounge. Lanson champagne is available for purchase.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
Wines for self service

A signature feature is the Spey whisky bar with the Spey Tenné single malt whisky available.


A cool feature is what they call the Private SnoozePod, a small booth with armchairs and TV where guests can enjoy a bit more privacy.

Aspire Plus Lounge Newcastle
The snooze pod

There are also work stations, TVs, newspapers and magazines and free Wi-Fi. Restrooms are available inside the lounge.

Final impression

This is a cool concept I have not really seen anywhere else, an adults-only premium pay-in lounge, as an alternative to the regular lounge. Catered to guests who are looking for a more exclusive lounge visit at the airport the design is indeed much nicer and so is the bar selection. If it is worth the extra charge really depends on the visitor. The regular lounge has everything you may need including hot food, alcoholic drinks and free Wi-Fi but it lacks the exclusive atmosphere and can be very crowded, especially when there are many holiday flights. This is definitely a different experience.

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