Review: British Airways Lounge, Belfast George Best City Airport

Visited September 2017

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport

Where is it?

The lounge is located airside in the transit hall next to gate A. After the stairs and escalators from the security control, pass through the shopping area and you will see the lounge in front of you in a small corridor. There are also signs to follow in the transit hall. The second lounge at the airport, The Aspire Lounge, is located in the same area.

How do I get in?

A ticket in British Airways Business Class/Club Europe will get you in as well as a British Airways Silver or Gold card or a OneWorld Sapphire or Emerald card flying British Airways out of Belfast.

The lounge is not used by Aer Lingus, using the Aspire Lounge, however you might get access if flying on a BA codeshare to London issued on a BA ticket.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
The entrance

What’s it like?

The lounge is quite small but is perfectly adequate to cover the 4-5 daily BA flights to London. This used to be the bmi Lounge at the airport, which you can still partly notice, but was taken over by British Airways when bmi was acquired by BA.

The lounge was recently renovated and now has the new British Airways lounge design which is very stylish with armchairs in grey, blue and brown and with reading lamps in white and red on the tables.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
Overview of the lounge

Although the lounge is fairly small it is divided into different sections with a reception area, a more relaxed sitting area, a dining area and an area with work stations.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
A stylish interior

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are available for self service in the buffet area.

The food selection includes a good selection of finger sandwiches, cookies and pastries, crisps and nuts and some fresh fruits. Breakfast items are offered in the morning. This is the standard food selection in the British Airways lounges at outstations in the United Kingdom.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
The self service buffet area

The drinks selection is fairly good with beer and wine, a good selection of spirits with about 15 different types, soft drinks, tea and a coffee machine.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
Drinks for self service


Free Wi-Fi is offered in the lounge and there is a bookshelf right in the middle of the lounge with a fairly good selection of newspapers and magazines. There are also several TVs.

On the opposite side of the lounge from the reception area there is a small business centre with work desks.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
Work stations at the back of the lounge

There are no restrooms in the lounge, these are located just outside in the corridor.

Anything else not to miss?

A great part of the lounge is that boarding for all British Airways flights is done from the lounge. Once the aircraft is ready for boarding the lounge staff will open a door next to the reception area leading directly to the jet bridge and down to the aircraft door. Just by the door in the lounge there is a scanner where the boarding pass is scanned. Once the lounge is empty the general boarding will commence at gate A outside the lounge.

This is a very relaxed and pleasant boarding experience.

British Airways Lounge, Belfast City Airport
Boarding from the lounge

Final impression

For a small airport with just about a handful British Airways departures a day this is a great lounge. The new lounge design is very stylish, the staff are friendly, the selection of food and drinks is not bad and boarding from the lounge is a very relaxed and pleasant experience.

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