The British Airways lounge in Amsterdam now accessible using Priority Pass

British Airways lounge Amsterdam Schiphol interior
British Airways lounge Amsterdam Schiphol interior, Photo: British Airways

For passengers travelling out of Amsterdam Schiphol holding a Priority Pass there is now a second option beside the Aspire Lounge No 26 in the Schengen area and the Aspire Lounge No 41 in the non-Schengen area. Starting this week the British Airways Lounge is also accepting Priority Pass cardholders.

The British Airways Lounge is located right next to the Aspire Lounge No 41. You use the same stairs or lift and the entrances are right next to each other. This could be a good thing as you can easily switch lounge if one of them turns out to be very busy.

The British Airways Lounge is located airside between concourse D and E in the non-Schengen area. The entrance is two floors above the main transit hall and shopping area and can be reached using lifts, stairs or escalators. All lounges at Amsterdam Schiphol also have a number which are used on all signs. The British Airways Lounge is called “Lounge 40”.

The lounge has one of the newer BA lounge designs. Food and drinks are generally subpar compared to many other excellent BA lounges around the world but on the other hand the lounge offers one of the best apron views anywhere at the airport. The same excellent view you get from the Aspire Lounge.

Read a full review of the lounge here! 

British Airways Lounge, Amsterdam Schiphol
The excellent view from the British Airways Lounge
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