Review: Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport

Visited March 2018

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport

Where is it?

The lounge is is located airside in the Schengen transit hall, which is a combined transit hall for passengers departing from the Swiss and the French sectors of the airport.

The entrance to the lounge is at the end of the Y-shaped terminal building. The terminal is small and there are plenty of signs for the lounge.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The entrance

How do I get in?

The lounge is used by most full-service carriers, including carriers in Star Alliance, Skyteam and OneWorld. Access is provided for business class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers.

It is also possible to enter using various lounge cards such as Priority Pass and by paying at the reception.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Airlines using the lounge

What’s it like?

The lounge measures an impressive 1700 sqm which are divided into three different floors. There is a rather nice panorama lift taking guests between the three floors, if you do not want to take the stairs.

The reception is on the ground floor where there is also (or at least used to be) a manned bar and a small buffet area.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The lobby and reception area

The spacious bar is now closed and probably no longer needed given the number of guests per day, but the ground floor is a very relaxing place designed like a tropical garden. There is even a wooden bridge over a small pond and some palm trees.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The garden with the large bar

The first floor is the main floor and has a circular design with a fantastic ceiling, much like a dome.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The main floor with the fantastic ceiling

It has also plenty of comfortable armchairs with foot stools along the windows, all providing a good (or at least reasonable) view of the apron and the runway. This is also where the main bar area and buffet area can be found, where there is also a spacious dining area.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Armchairs along the windows

The main floor has seating for no less than 200 passengers, which is far more than what is needed nowadays when Swiss (former Swissair/Crossair) no longer has a base at the airport, which was probably the reason why such a large lounge was built back in the days.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Plenty of seating

The final floor, the second floor of the lounge, is the smallest one and is located above the buffet area on what looks like a small balcony. There are some seating areas here but not much else. The area was closed and roped-off during the visit.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The buffet area and the second floor of the lounge

Food and drinks

There is a rather spacious buffet and bar area on the main floor with food and drinks for self service.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The dining area
Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The self-service buffet area

The selection of food includes rösti and quich lorraine, a cold buffet, sandwiches, fresh fruits and desserts.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Snacks, fruits and desserts
Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Cold buffet

The drinks selection includes red, white and sparkling wine, beer, a good selection of spirits, and of course coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
Beer and wine


On the main floor there is also a large business centre which even has some small meeting rooms. Free wireless internet is also provided. There are several TVs throughout the lounge as well as newspapers and magazines.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The business centre

Both restrooms and showers are available.

Anything else not to miss?

The large outdoor terrace is a nice place to get some fresh air and to get a nice view of the runway and the apron. Unfortunately food and drinks are not allowed outside but you are allowed to smoke outdoors.

Skyview Lounge, Basel EuroAirport
The outdoor terrace

Final impression

For a small airport like Basel this is a terrific lounge with a great interior and a very good selection of food and drinks. And although it has been around for some time it is still in an excellent condition and very well-maintained. And you do not have to worry about not finding a seat. Highly recommended.

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