Upgraded to premium economy on Nordica

Upgraded to Nordica Premium Economy
Upgraded to Nordica Premium Economy

A new airline for me this evening, the Estonian airline Nordica, nowadays the national airline of Estonia after Estonian Air went bankrupt in 2015. Although Nordica started as a separate airline they are now closely connected to the Polish airline LOT. Their aircrafts, most of them CRJ-700 and CRJ-900, are painted with both the LOT and the Nordica logos and once onboard you could either get an Estonian crew or a Polish crew, or a mix, depending on the planned rotations that day. All Nordica flights are operated using LOT flight numbers and the LO prefix and they are regarded as a full member of Star Alliance.

Upgraded to Nordica Premium Economy
The seat on the Nordica CRJ-700 with a dark blue headrest indicating premium economy

And at the gate at Stockholm Arlanda airport just before boarding a small surprise was waiting, an upgrade to premium economy thanks to my Star Alliance gold card. Not that it made a huge difference on the 40 minutes hop from Stockholm to Tallinn where I got to enjoy a cup of coffee and a small snack, but still a very nice gesture, especially as it also came with an empty adjacent seat on the otherwise packed flight.

Upgraded to Nordica Premium Economy
The LOT and Nordica CRJ-700
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