A surprisingly pleasant SAS Cafe Lounge at Bergen Flesland airport

SAS new cafe lounge at Bergen Flesland airport
The new SAS new cafe lounge at Bergen Flesland airport

In August 2017 the new terminal building opened at Bergen Flesland airport and at the same time the new SAS Cafe Lounge opened in the terminal, and it is very pleasant, definitely the nicest Cafe Lounge I have visited so far. Much nicer than expected.

The lounge has a completely new design compared to the previous Cafe Lounges with mostly lighter colours and the lounge feels both airy and spacious, even though it is only 100 sqm large. There is also a limited apron view.

SAS new cafe lounge at Bergen Flesland airport
The interior

Cinnamon buns, wheat buns, fresh fruits and nuts are on offer in the small buffet counter as well as soft drinks, coffee and tea to drink. There are no sandwiches or proper food and no alcohol, but this is about standard for the smaller SAS Cafe Lounges. For a shorter visit while waiting for the flight, at a regional airport where there would normally not even be a lounge, this is perfectly acceptable.

SAS new cafe lounge at Bergen Flesland airport
Tasty cinnamon buns and wheat buns
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