The new inflight shop in SAS Go/economy class on the Airbus A350

The economy class cafe on the SAS Airbus A350
The economy class cafe on the SAS Airbus A350

A fun feature on the brand new SAS Airbus A350 is the inflight shop located at the very rear of the cabin, next to the economy class galley. For the first time the assortment is on display so passengers can have a look at what is available to purchase.

The economy class cafe on the SAS Airbus A350
The inflight shop in economy class

The snacks selection is not complimentary though, just like the premium drinks selection, everything is available for purchase, but it makes the inflight experience far nicer and it gives you a good reason to stretch your legs during the flight, rather than just press the call button.

Although there is no proper lounge area at the back there is enough space to hang around by the aft doors, next to the economy class galley, for a few minutes and perhaps have a chat with the crew or some other passengers.

Blood orange drink and instant porridor

There are also some product news in the assortment which will be launched at the same time as the A350, for example the new blood orange beverage, which should prevent dehydration.

The economy class cafe on the SAS Airbus A350
Some of the drinks

Another new item on the buy-onboard menu is the instant porridge, which works pretty much like instant noodles, you just add some hot water. It is served with almonds, cane sugar, dates and cinnamon.

Depending on the feedback from the passengers they may also decide to introduce this on shorthaul flights. This could be an interesting complement to the breakfast service on intra-European flights as the only thing the crew need to do it to add some hot water, which will be available for the coffee and tea anyway.

The economy class cafe on the SAS Airbus A350
Instant porridge
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