Evening snacks in SAS Plus Copenhagen-Stockholm

Snacks in SAS Plus Copenhagen-Stockholm
Snacks in SAS Plus Copenhagen-Stockholm

Onboard a very full evening flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm, perhaps not all too surprising considering it is right in the middle of one of the major school holidays in Scandinavia, with many people returning home. Fortunately a group of people rebooked an hour before departure so I could switch to an empty row in SAS Plus with 3D, 3E and 3F all to myself. You can easily switch seats using the SAS app until check-in closes, which is normally 30 minutes before departure in SAS Plus.

In SAS Plus, the premium cabin of SAS on intra-European flights, you are usually offered a cold meal with the ‘cube’ concept. However on domestic flights in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and on intra-Scandinavian flights you get to select something to eat and drink from the SAS Cafe trolley instead.

If you want something substantial to eat there are usually some Polarrulle sourdough rolls with some kind of filling. This evening they had the Wästgöta Kloster cheese. I also ordered one of their famous Hedh Escalante chocolate balls, which are delicious.

Beer and wine are also on offer but no spirits on intra-Scandinavian flights. Apparently they have a new white wine now, an Australian Chardonnay. For a long time they served a Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. And a cup of coffee to drink with that.

SAS Plus on intra-Scandinavian flights is perhaps nothing to get terribly excited about. It is by no means a business class product, which you can see on the photos. You get a plastic glass for the wine or soft drink and the coffee is served is a paper mug. And there is not even a tray. And although you may be lucky a free middle seat is never guaranteed.

But for a 55 minutes evening flight, when you have already eaten properly in the lounge, this was fine. They do not offer any more drinks proactively however there is no problem to press the call button or simply stop one of the flight attendants when they pass if you want a refill of the coffee or another bottle of wine.

There was also Wi-Fi available onboard and the new SAS Wi-Fi service on intra-European flights is excellent. It is available free of charge in SAS Plus and also to SAS EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members, irrespective of cabin class, while all other passengers have to pay to use it. But the quality is excellent and you can easily stream some live TV-programs to your computer or tablet, which is exactly what I did.

All-in-all a rather pleasant evening flight with friendly service, a rather tasty white wine and live-TV with perfect quality through the inflight Wi-Fi.

Snacks in SAS Plus Copenhagen-Stockholm
Evening snacks in SAS Plus to Stockholm
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