Very nice Star Alliance Gold recognition on LOT Polish Airlines

White wine in LOT economy class
White wine in LOT economy class

First time I get some kind of Star Alliance Gold recognition on LOT Polish Airlines. I was travelling in LOT economy class on an evening flight from Stockholm to Warsaw. When the sales cart passed through the cabin I purchased a bottle of white wine. However later on, since it was a Saturday evening and a fairly long flight time, I decided to go for a second bottle so I pressed the call button and 30 seconds later the purser shows up at my seat and I ask her it it would be possible to get another bottle.

About a minute later she is back, hands me the bottle of wine and when I reach for my wallet she says “It’s OK, you don’t have to pay for it” with a big smile.

The payment machine was working properly, both when I made my first purchase and when the other passengers in the cabin made purchases, so that was obviously not an issue. I guess I was the only passenger in economy class with some kind of status. The load in economy class was not even 50% and I was one of the very few passengers who boarded when priority boarding was called at the gate. So I guess they had an idea about my status and simply wanted to be nice to me.

Not that LOT is one of the more expensive airlines when it comes to buy onboard prices in economy class,. In fact their inflight menu is one of the cheapest on any airline, but it was still a very nice touch and a much appreciated gesture from the purser. Thank you very much. Dziękuję.

Beautiful sunset over Sweden
Beautiful sunset over Sweden enroute to Warsaw
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