New airline Nordic Aviation Group to start operations from Estonia

Nordic Aviation Group logo

Nordic Aviation Group is the name of the new airline based in Estonia. They started operations on Sunday 8 November 2015 following the decision of the national carrier Estonian Air to halt all flights and file for bankruptcy just a day earlier. The planning for the new airline obviously started much earlier when it became clear that troubled Estonian Air would most likely not receive any more money from its investors

The new airline will operate flights from Tallinn to Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Kiev, Oslo, Stockholm, Trondheim and Vilnius. The destinations and timetables will mostly be based on the old network of Estonian Air, serving important business centres, capitals and gateways in Europe.

The fleet will be a mix of Embraer 145, Fokker 100 and ATP aircrafts. The airline will initially use Adria Airways aircrafts and flight numbers with a JP-prefix.

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