British Airways turning 99 years today, with free ice cream offered at Heathrow airport

British Airways 99 years anniversary with free ice cream at London Heathrow
British Airways 99 years anniversary with free ice cream at London Heathrow

Today British Airways celebrates its 99 anniversary. Of course this is not completely true as the British Airways we know of today was not formed until 1972 through a merger between BOAC (for longhaul flights) and BEA (for shorthaul flights). But looking back at the predecessors of today’s British Airways, through the former BOAC and BEA, and not to forget BSAA, which were all created in the 40’s, and then even longer back in the history to the pre-war airlines Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd, then we get something a bit closer to the truth.

Nevertheless the anniversary was properly celebrated at London Heathrow airport today. In the departure hall at terminal 5 all passengers were offered ice cream from a stand. And many passengers took the change to get a refreshing cone of ice cream in the boiling summer heat, with long lines as a consequence. But everyone seemed happy and patient anyway.

Happy Birthday British Airways!

British Airways cabin crew and staff in front of Airbus A380 with British flags
British Airways staff in front of an Airbus A380, Photo: British Airways
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