Review: Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man Airport

Visited June 2018

Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man
Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man

Where is it?

The Rendezvous Executive Lounge is located airside on the upper floor of the terminal building. The entrance is straight after the security control, in fact the entrance is even in the same room as the security control, to the left before entering the corridor leading to the transit hall and departure lounge. The lounge entrance is impossible to miss.

How do I get in?

This is the only lounge at the airport is used by all full-service airlines for business class/full flex passengers and top-tier status passengers. Among the airlines using the lounge are British Airways, Aer Lingus and Flybe.

It is also possible to enter using various lounge cards such as Priority Pass and to pay to enter.

What’s it like?

The lounge is small with seating for no more than about 30 guests. The entrance and the reception desk are in one corner of the lounge, next to the buffet area, while there is a separate exit on the opposite side of the lounge leading to the transit hall.

Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man
The reception desk

For a small airport the interior is quite nice in brown, black and dark wood and with design details in metal and pink. The seating is a mix of sofas, armchairs and barstools.

Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man
Seating areas

Food and drinks

The self-service area is quite spacious offering various snacks and drinks. The snacks selection includes bread rolls, yoghurt, croissants, pastries, cookies, crisps and nuts but not much in terms of proper food.

Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man
Snacks for self-service

The drinks selection includes various beers, red and white wine, a standard selection of spirits, juices, soft drinks and a coffee machine.

Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man
Drinks for self-service


Newspapers and magazines are available from a rack next to the buffet area. Free wireless internet is available.

Restrooms are located in the transit hall outside the lounge.

Anything else not to miss?

The lounge also has a decent view overlooking parts of the apron.

Rendezvous Executive Lounge, Isle of Man
Apron view from the lounge

Final impression

It may not be the most spectacular of lounges but for a small lounge at a small regional airport the lounge is not bad at all. Reasonable selection of snacks and drinks, modern interior, friendly staff and a nice apron view.

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