Review: Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Terminal 5

Visited October 2015

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda

Where is it?

Menzies Executive Lounge is located airside at Arlanda airport terminal 5, in the Schengen area in the F-pier. If departing from terminal 5 you turn right after the large taxfree shop, follow the signs towards the F-gates and turn right after the Andersson Food & Akvavit restaurant.

If departing from the B-pier at terminal 5 (gates 11-24) it is better to use the Menzies Business Lounge as the Menzies Executive Lounge is quite a distance from both the security control and the gates.

How do I get in?

When the lounge opened a few years ago it was used by most OneWorld airlines such as British Airways and Finnair and later a few non-European airlines joined. Now most OneWorld airlines have moved to terminal 2 while several non-European airlines such as Qatar Airways and Emirates use the new Aviator lounge located right above in the non-Schengen area of the pier. This means far fewer visitors than in the past and as a result, much more limited opening hours.

Today the lounge is used by a handful airlines. It is also available to holders of a few credit cards and lounge cards such as Priority Pass and Diners Club. Some airlines also give the option to choose between this lounge or the Menzies Business Lounge, as they are both run by the same company.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
The entrance
Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
The airlines and cards providing access

What’s it like?

The lounge is large and spacious with large panorama windows overlooking the drop-off areas at terminal 5. As fewer airlines use the lounge today it is usually less crowded than a few years ago.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
The reception desk

The large panorama windows provide plenty of natural light, making it a very bright lounge. However although there are panorama windows in several directions there are no views of the aprons or the runways. The only buildings visible are the terminal drop-off areas, the ATC tower and the different parking areas.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
The interior of the lounge

The interior follows the standard Menzies lounge design, very similar to the other Menzies lounge at terminal 5 with armchairs in blue, grey and purple. There are also a few plants spread out throughout the lounge. Fortunately there are plenty of power sockets at the tables by the window, but fewer at the tables in the middle of the lounge.

Food and drinks

There is a buffet in the lounge with food and drinks for self service. The food selection is by no means exceptional but usually better than the Menzies Business lounge.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
The self-service buffet area

During this morning visit bread rolls with ham and cheese were offered as well as some crisps and nuts, fruits and cookies. Later in the day a small cold buffet is usually offered with pasta, chicken and different vegetables.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
Food for self service
Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
Cold buffet with chicken, meatballs and vegetables

The selection of drinks includes red wine, white wine and beer on tap as well as a standard selection of spirits available from noon.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
Beer and wine on tap

There is also a soda dispenser, a coffee machine and bottles with mineral water as well as low alcohol beer.

Menzies Executive Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda
Soda dispenser


Free wireless internet is offered in the lounge as well as Swedish and international newspapers and magazines from a rack opposite the reception desk. Restrooms are available in the lounge but there are no showers.

Final impression

There are two Menzies third-party lounges at Arlanda terminal 5 and this is definitely the nicer one of the two due to the size, the design and a better selection of food and drinks. It is also generally far less crowded than the other lounge. Unfortunately the opening hours have become more limited, especially during weekends

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