Review: Business Executive Lounge, Poznan Airport

Visited November 2018

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Business Executive Lounge, Poznan

Where is it?

The Business Executive Lounge in Poznan is located in the transit hall airside after security control.

After passing through security, make a right turn. The entrance to the lounge is on the right hand side. There are several signs.

Although the lounge is in the Schengen area passengers travelling to a non-Schengen destination can also use the lounge but will need to allow time for passport control. However the passport control is literally right outside the lounge.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
The entrance

How do I get in?

A few full-service airlines use the lounge such as LOT and Lufthansa for their business class passengers and gold card holders.

It is also possible to pay to access the lounge and to enter using various lounge cards and lounge schemes such as Priority Pass.

What’s it like?

The new airport lounge at Poznan Ławica opened in January 2014 and for a small lounge at a smaller regional airport this is actually a very nice and pleasant little lounge with a cool and innovative design. The lounge has been designed by design firm Dekoratornia Design Studio with inspiration from the Polish TV show Dekoratornia.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Inside the lounge

The reception counter is at one end of the long lounge where the registration process takes place.

Afterwards there is a long ‘corridor’ which connects the reception area with the main lounge and the buffet area. Along the ‘corridor’ there is a business centre with a long bar table with desktop computers and tablets which can be used to get some work done.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
The business centre and work area

The main section of the lounge offers comfortable sofas and armchairs in red and blue. The lounge offers seating for around 50 guests.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Comfortable seating

The decor is very hip with designer furniture and some rather interesting designer lamps.

Food and drinks

The buffet area is placed in the centre of the lounge and just like the rest of the lounge it has a rather cool and stylish design.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
The buffet area

The centrepiece is the buffet table where there are some sandwiches, fresh fruits, cookies and snacks on offer.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Sandwiches, snacks and proper wine glasses

Although the selection of cookies is excellent, unfortunately there is little substantial to eat other than some sandwiches.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Good selection of cookies

The Wyborowa-themed bar counter is quite cool in blue neon lighting and naturally there is also Wyborowa vodka available for self service.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
The Wyborowa bar

The selection of spirits is quite decent and includes vodka, gin and whisky but also for example Jägermeister and Metaxa.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan

Red wine and white wine are available for self service and there is even a proper wine fridge for the white wine, which is a nice touch to keep the wine at a perfect temperature.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Wine fridge

In another fridge there are different Polish beers as well as various soft drinks.

On the buffet table there is a selection of juices and sodas as well as still and sparkling mineral water in small glass bottles.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
Soft drinks


Free wireless internet is available throughout the lounge and there are both desktop internet computers and tablets in the business centre after the reception desk.

Newspapers are available and there is a TV corner with a widescreen TV.

Restrooms are available inside the lounge.

Business Executive Lounge, Poznan
TV corner

Final impression

For a small regional airport this is a very pleasant lounge with a cool and innovative design and some rather unusual designer furniture. The Wyborowa-themed bar is fun as well. There is a reasonable selection of drinks but a more limited selection of snacks.

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