Review: Lufthansa Delights to Go in Munich

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich

In the beginning of September 2018 Lufthansa introduced its new Delights to Go concept, starting at Munich airport. The idea is that passengers with a short connection or passengers arriving late at the airport should be able to get something to eat before the flight, which you can either eat at the gate or onboard the aircraft.

In connection with an evening flight with Lufthansa from Munich it was finally time to give the new concept a try.

Delights to Go

The first ‘Delights to Go’ is located in terminal 2 in Munich. It is located in the main terminal building, in the Schengen transit hall, close to gate G19. This means just behind the shopping area and not far from the security control for departing passengers.

Delights to Go is available to all passengers who usually have access to the Lufthansa lounges, which means business class and first class passengers of Lufthansa, the Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance as well as Lufthansa Senator/HON Circle and Star Alliance Gold passengers travelling on Lufthansa or Star Alliance.

At the entrance there is a counter where you scan your boarding pass, just like you would at a regular lounge to get access.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
The Lufthansa Delights to Go entrance

There were two lounge attendants working and as the concept was new one of them followed me inside and offered to give me a brief introduction what to do.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
Inside the Delights to Go area

The first stop is the screen where you place your order. You get the menu in either English or German.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
The menu screen

There were three menus available – Classic, Balance or Local. According to the info from Lufthansa the menus change every second week.

The Classic menu included a tuna wrap, cookies, an apple and still water.

The Balance menu included a sandwich with humus and vegetables, a raisins and kernels mix, an apple and still water

The Local menu included a sausage salad Munich style, a pretzel with sour cream flavour, an Apple and a bottle of Rosbacher water.

I decided to order a Classic menu so I pressed on that option on the screen.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
Your box is being prepared…

It took some time before the box was delivered, nearly half a minute. It sounded like the machine actually packed the box while waiting, perhaps to keep the food fresh.

Eventually the box was delivered from the small window right below the screen.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
The box is ready

Afterwards you can get tea and coffee from the coffee machines next to the screens. They are obviously available to go. When finished you make a right turn. There is a separate exit, presumably to get a better flow of passengers at busier times of the day.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
Coffee and tea

And here is what the Delights to Go box looks like.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
The Classic box

And here is what the Classic box looks like inside.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
Inside the Classic box

And a closer look at the contents.

Lufthansa Delights To Go Munich
Tuna wrap, shortbread, apple and water


The new concept is actually not bad at all. The box is easy to bring onto the plane, so you get something else to eat on the flight other than the standard cheese sandwich, or on some airlines in economy class it may even mean that you do get something to eat onboard, without having to pay.

The tuna wrap was quite tasty. There was also an apple in the Classic box and a shortbread cookie. Nothing whatsoever to complain about.

But of course the main question is if this is a preparation for the day Lufthansa will scrap free inflight catering in shorthaul economy class.

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