Review: Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg Airport

Visited May 2018

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg

Where is it?

Dürer Lounge is located in the transit hall on the ground floor. As you proceed from security control towards the gates you will see the entrance on the right hand side next to the escalators. The entrance is impossible to miss.

How do I get in?

Dürer Lounge is the only pay-in and third-party lounge at the airport and used by most full-service airlines not part of the Lufthansa Group or Star Alliance (they generally use the Lufthansa Lounge). Air France & KLM are two of the main airlines using the Dürer lounge.

It is also possible to use the lounge using various lounge cards and to pay for entrance.

Important! The lounge is unmanned and in order to get access you need to have a lounge voucher with a barcode to scan at the gate for the doors to open. You scan the barcode first and then your boarding pass. The automatic gate will then open followed by the door to the lounge.

If you enter the lounge as a premium passenger (business class/top-tier status) courtesy of an airline you need to pick up a voucher at the check-in desk in the departure hall.

If you enter the lounge with a lounge card, such as Priority Pass, you need to register at the information desk in the departure hall opposite the check-in desks in terminal 2 to get a voucher.

There is a telephone next to the gate which you can use if you need any help.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
The entrance with the automatic gate and the door to the lounge

What’s it like?

The lounge is a small and rather basic third-party lounge located on the ground floor. It has quite an industrial design with most of the interior in silver, black and metal and with few warm colours.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Inside the lounge

The lounge is shaped like a C with black leather armchairs placed in different seating areas throughout the lounge. The inner part of the lounge is generally a bit more quiet than the seating areas closer to the entrance.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Seating areas

There are also some barstools and bar tables for extra seating.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
The inner section of the lounge

Food and drinks

The self-service buffet offers mostly snacks including croissants, crisps, nuts, chocolate bars, muffins, sausages and some soup. Unfortunately there is very little substantial to eat. No proper sandwiches and no hot food other than soup.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
The self-service buffet area

The drinks selection includes red, white and sparkling wine, different beers, coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks. No spirits are available.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Coffee machine


Free wireless internet is offered, there are some newspapers and there is even a small business centre with desktop computers.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Business centre

Restrooms are available in the lounge but there are no showers.

There is a limited view of the apron and the runway through the panorama windows but the view is sometimes obstructed by vehicles.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Apron view

Anything else not to miss?

Both the airport and the lounge are named after Albrecht Dürer, a German painter and theorist who was born in Nuremberg. Many of his paintings and theories are shown and explained in the lounge. Actually quite interesting to look at if you want to learn more about this man.

Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Dürers idea of proportion
Dürer Lounge, Nuremberg
Some of the paintings by Dürer explained

Final impression

A basic third-party lounge with a rather sterile and uninspiring design and with a limited selection of snacks and drinks. Suitable for a 20-minute visit but not for longer stays. A major disadvantage is also that you cannot exit the lounge and come back again without hassle. This may not be an issue during a shorter visit but will become an issue in case of delays.

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