Inside the TAAG First Class Lounge in Luanda

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda

Early morning at Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro Airport waiting for my most anticipated flight in a very long time, a flight in TAAG First Class from Luanda to Johannesburg. There are not that many airlines in the world still offering a first class cabin but quite surprisingly there is one in western Africa. And there is hardly a single review on the entire internet of the product, so this could be anything from truly fantastic to a complete disaster.

At least TAAG offer a first class lounge in their hub at Luanda airport, or rather a lounge with a first class section. In practice it is not quite as fancy as it may sound.

The TAAG Lounge is divided into two sections. You enter the lounge in the business class section and then there is a small corridor leading from the business class section to the first class section. The problem is that no one checks who actually enters the first class side. There is a desk in the corridor, which was probably originally placed there for this reason, but it is unmanned. So in practice anyone can enter the first class lounge.

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
Inside the TAAG first class lounge, with the corridor and the ‘first class reception desk’ to the left

But the two lounges have completely different designs and furniture and the design of the first class section is surprisingly nice and feels more like a modern and contemporary Western airport lounge than one at an African airport. Very nice interior in white, brown and black with nice drawings on the walls.

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
Surprisingly cool design

The sofas and armchairs are also quite comfortable and there are several TVs. And although anyone could technically enter the first class section it seems like most passengers choose the first available seat in the business class lounge and stayed there. The first class lounge is completely empty.

The only nuisance in the lounge is that there are a few mosquitoes around. Not even the fans and the air conditioning system manage to keep them all away.

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
Comfortable sofas and armchairs

Being at Christmas time there are also plenty of Christmas decorations around, including a Christmas tree.

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
Christmas decorations

There is no buffet area in the first class lounge so all food and and drinks have to be brought from the self-service buffet in the business lounge. There is a reasonable selection of breakfast items available including sandwiches, yoghurt, pastries and fresh fruits.

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
The self-service buffet area in the business lounge with the corridor to the first class lounge in the background

And although I usually do not drink alcohol in the morning I could not resist giving one of the local Angolan beers a try, this one was called Cuca

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
Cuca beer

Another interesting aspect of the buffet area is that the spirits are available in miniature bottles, for self service. I do not think I have been to any other lounge in the world with spirits in small bottles as it would be too easy and attractive for passengers to take them and bring them from the lounge.

TAAG First Class Lounge Luanda
Spirits in miniature bottles

Just an hour left until departure. The departure monitors do not work properly but the reception staff announce in the lounge when it is time for boarding. Very exciting.

Luanda airport check-in area seen from the TAAG first class lounge
The check-in area seen through the shutters from the first class lounge
TAAG Boeing 777 at Luanda airport
The next ride!
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