Review: The airside swimming pool at Singapore Changi, Terminal 1

Visited November 2015

Swimming pool, Singapore Changi transit hall terminal 1
The swimming pool at Singapore Changi terminal 1

If you have a long layover at Singapore Changi airport and prefer to do something else but eating, shopping or lounging, while at the same time you may not have enough time to leave the airport to go to the city centre, a visit to the swimming pool in terminal 1 might be an alternative. A relaxing way to kill an hour or two.

Where is it?

The swimming pool is located airside in terminal 1. It is located close to the D gates on level 3, one floor above the main transit hall.

As all terminals at the airport are connected airside, either by walkways or automatic trains, it is possible to use the swimming pool irrespective of what airline you fly on or what terminal your flight departs from. There are no checks whatsoever to move between the terminals however it is wise to leave the swimming pool no later than an hour before the flight departure to allow time for security control and the boarding process, especially if flying from another terminal than terminal 1.

How do I get in?

The swimming pool is run by Aerotel, the same company running the transit hotel in terminal 1, which is located in the same area. Hotel guests can use the swimming pool free of charge.

For non-hotel guests the entry fee is 17 SGD (11 euro) which includes towels and a bottle of water.

The swimming pool is open from 6 am until midnight.

What’s it like?

The airport describes it as a “Balinese-themed rooftop pool” and it surely has a very tropical feel to it. As you enter the area there is a combined reception desk and pool bar where the entrance fee is paid. There are separate locker rooms with showers and individual lockers for clothes and hand luggage. The key for the locker is given at the reception desk.

The lockers are fairly small though. Although there is space for both personal clothes and a bag, passengers with large pieces (or several pieces) of hand luggage may find it hard to store these inside.

Swimming pool, Singapore Changi transit hall terminal 1
The entrance (behind the stairs) and the reception desk and poolside bar to the left

The pool area has a large swimming pool as well as a small jacuzzi.

Swimming pool, Singapore Changi transit hall terminal 1
Swimming pool and jacuzzi

There are also several reclining lounge chairs where guests can relax in the sun as well as tables to sit down and have something to drink. Light refreshments and drinks are available at the poolside bar. There is also a large plastic swan for children to play with in the pool.

Swimming pool, Singapore Changi transit hall terminal 1
And a large swan for the kids to play with

At the opposite end of the pool area there is a small tropical garden.

Swimming pool, Singapore Changi transit hall terminal 1
Tropical garden

From the garden there is a limited view of the apron at terminal 1. Although some aircraft noise can be heard around the pool, especially from the aircrafts at the gates below the pool area, the traffic is not very bothersome. Not worse than the noise you would get in a hotel pool area located close to a road.

Swimming pool, Singapore Changi transit hall terminal 1
The apron at terminal 1 seen from the garden

Final impression

This is an excellent feature at the airport, more airports in the world should offer something like this. After several hours of travelling it is very pleasant to head to the pool for a swim, a few minutes in the jacuzzi, a few minutes in the sun, and finally a refreshing shower before the next flight. Another positive aspect is that the pool can be accessed by all passengers, irrespective of airline and destination.

Another excellent way of using the swimming pool is in connection with a stay at the transit hotel before a morning flight. Several airlines offer check-in (even with checked luggage) already the night before at Singapore Changi with the option of staying at the airport (even airside) instead of in downtown Singapore. Starting the day with a swim in the pool at sunrise is a very nice and relaxing experience.

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