Review: BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma Airport

Visited February 2018

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma

This lounge has been reviewed in the past but back then it was called The Yellow Room. Since then the airline operating the lounge, Malmö Aviation, has merged with the regional airline group Sverigeflyg, creating the new airline BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines). At the same time the lounge was remade with new furniture and a new design concept and subsequently changed its name from ‘The Yellow Room’ to ‘BRA Lounge’. This is a review of what the lounge looks like and offers in 2018.

Where is it?

The BRA Lounge is located in the departure hall at Bromma airport, to the left after the entrance on the balcony right above the restaurant. The lounge is located landside which means that passengers need to allow sufficient time to pass security control to get to the gate for boarding after the visit.

Fortunately the security control is nearly always very quick so it is usually enough to leave the lounge 20-25 minutes before departure (depending on the time of the day) to make the flight. As you can also very easily see the security control (and the lines for it) from the lounge you can plan your visit accordingly.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
The location on a balcony above the departure hall

How do I get in?

This is the only lounge at the airport used by several airlines. Passengers travelling on BRA, the largest airline at the airport, either holding a BRA Extra ticket or a BRA Gold or Merit card have access. The lounge is also used by Finnair and British Airways/Sun Air of Scandinavia for business class passengers and OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald and by Brussels Airlines for Miles & More Senator/HON Circle, Star Alliance Gold and business class.

The lounge also has agreements with various credit cards, hotel chains and also with Priority Pass.

The lounge is only open on weekdays. During weekends and some public holidays some airlines provide vouchers to eligible passengers to use in the restaurant.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Entry requirements

What’s it like?

According to the BRA webpage the lounge should be like a “home away from home” where passengers should find time and space for work, relaxation and the possibility to meet colleagues in a relaxed and quiet environment.

The idea is also that since Bromma airport is a city airport with a central location, just a few kilometres from the city centre, with short distances from parking to the aircraft door, and with quick airport formalities, the lounge has mostly been designed for short visits.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Inside the lounge

The lounge has an interesting location on a balcony overlooking the departure hall. The interior is based on Swedish craftsmen tradition with most of the interior in wood and furniture from the Swedish designer and furniture producer Gärsnäs.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Seating areas

The furniture are mostly in pastel colours like grey, orange and purple. Most likely to match the logo of BRA.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma

Food and drinks

The small self-service buffet is located to the left of the entrance in a small separate room. In the morning yoghurt, cereals, bread rolls and croissants are offered. Later during the day snacks are served such as crackers and cheese, muffins, cinnamon rolls, crisps and nuts. No hot food is offered and unfortunately very little substantial to eat.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
The self-service buffet area
BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Coffee and snacks

Juices and soft drinks are available in the buffet area while coffee and tea are available from a separate area in the lounge. No alcoholic drinks are offered.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Coffee machine


Swedish newspapers and magazines are available from a bookshelf and there is also free wireless internet (the password can be found at the reception desk). Restrooms are available in the lounge but no showers. There are also several TVs.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Newspapers and magazines

Anything else not to miss?

The small viewing deck in the lounge is quite nice with a view of the apron and the runway. This used to be called Växthuset, ‘The Plant House’. The photo below is from 2015 and although the room itself looks roughly the same the furniture are different now from the photo.

Malmö Aviation The Yellow Room Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Nice view of the apron and the runway from The Plant House

Final impression

A small lounge with a nice interior, friendly staff and a small but reasonable selection of snacks and drinks. However it lacks both alcoholic beverages and something substantial to eat. Not comparable to a full-service lounge at a large international airport but it does its job at a smaller city airport.

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