Would you use a gym in an airport lounge?

The gym in the SAS Domestic Lounge at Oslo Gardermoen
The gym in the SAS Domestic Lounge at Oslo Gardermoen

In the middle of September SAS opened its new Domestic Lounge at Oslo Gardermoen airport. Described as a “next-generation lounge” one of the new innovative facilities is a gym in the lounge.

The gym is run in cooperation with SATS, a well-known chain of gyms in the Nordic countries and measures 70 sqm. There are treadmill, spinning bikes, a rowing machine and weights to use. There are also lockers for hand luggage and of course there are locker rooms available for men and women with showers.

To use the gym you need to book a session through the SAS app. As soon as you have a valid SAS boarding pass from Oslo loaded in the app the booking function for the gym becomes available, however it is also possible to make a spontaneous visit subject to space.

So far so good you may think. Yes, the gym is indeed quite nice, tidy and well-maintained and even though it is not very large it has all the standard equipment available. And of course the whole idea of having a gym in an airport lounge is quite innovative, definitely something different.

The only problem is that there does not seem to be many passengers using it. On every visit to the lounge the gym has been virtually empty, just like the booking page in the app. Surely the lounge is new and it may take some time for passengers to discover this new facility, but still.

Would you use the gym in an airport lounge if there was one available? Or is it just a waste of space?

The gym in the SAS Domestic Lounge at Oslo Gardermoen
Inside the gym
The gym in the SAS Domestic Lounge at Oslo Gardermoen
Weights in the gym
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