Review: BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma Airport

Visited November 2019

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma

In November 2019 the new BRA Lounge opened at Stockholm Bromma airport. The new lounge is located airside, replacing the old lounge which was located landside, on a balcony overlooking the departure hall.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
A sign telling guests that the lounge has moved

Where is it?

The lounge is located airside after the security control. Pass through the taxfree shop and turn left towards the gate areas. You will find the entrance to the lounge just around the corner on your left, next to the Pressbyrån newsstand.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
The entrance

How do I get in?

This is the only lounge at the airport used by several airlines. Passengers travelling on BRA, the largest airline at the airport, either holding a BRA Extra ticket or a BRA Gold or Merit card have access. The lounge is also used by Finnair and British Airways/Sun Air of Scandinavia for business class passengers and OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald members and by Brussels Airlines for Miles & More Senator/HON Circle, Star Alliance Gold and business class passengers.

The lounge also has agreements with various credit cards, hotel chains and also with Priority Pass.

The lounge is only open on weekdays. During weekends and some public holidays some airlines provide vouchers to eligible passengers to use in the restaurant.

What’s it like?

The new lounge is about the same size as the old lounge, but of course the new location airside in the transit hall is a major improvement as it means you do not have to allow time for security control after the visit.

The lounge is basically divided into two sections with the entrance and the lobby with the reception desk right in the middle.

BRA BRA Lounge, Stockholm BrommaLounge, Stockholm Bromma
The section to the right of the reception desk

On the right hand side of the reception you will find the buffet area with the self-service buffet and different seating areas. There is a proper dining area in this section with tables, perfect if you want to eat properly or need to get some work done during the visit.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
The dining area overlooking the main transit hall

The section to the left of the reception is for those who want to relax and socialise. There are some rather colourful furniture in this section in the signature BRA lounge design, the same you will find in the lounges in Gothenburg and Malmö.

According to an earlier press release the interior is based on Swedish craftsmen tradition with most of the interior in wood and with furniture from the Swedish designer and furniture producer Gärsnäs.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
The section to the left of the reception desk

There are some comfortable sofas and armchairs in this section as well as some side tables. There is also a departure screen. Most of the lounge has panorama windows facing the main transit hall, which gives the lounge some daylight but on the other hand also means the passengers waiting outside can see right inside the lounge.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Comfortable and rather colourful sofas

Food and drinks

The selection of food and snacks has improved compared to the old lounge. It is still not exceptional by any means, even for a smaller lounge at a regional airport, but it is better than it used to be.

During the test visit an evening there were decent caesar chicken sandwiches and also some soup. There were also some snacks, bread rolls, cookies and cocktail snacks. But other than the soup there was nothing hot to eat.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Soup, sandwiches, bread rolls and drinks for self service

The drinks selection consists of various soft drinks, sodas, coffee and tea. There is also low-alcohol beer and alcohol-free wine. However if you want something stronger to drink you will need to exit the lounge to visit the bar right outside where there are all kinds of alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma

Still the selection is a nice improvement compared to the old lounge which had mostly snacks, and which did not have beer and wine of any kind. There is also some new china in the lounge.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
Excellent sandwiches, beer and a cup of coffee (in the new china)

For some reason there was also a Ferrari bar counter next to the self-service buffet. Ferrari is an Italian producer of Prosecco, sparkling wine.

BRA Lounge, Stockholm Bromma
The Ferrari bar counter


Free wireless internet is offered and there is a selection of newspapers and magazines just by the reception desk, most of them Swedish titles.

Restrooms are located inside the lounge but there are no showers.

No boarding announcements are made in the lounge but the nearest gates are just 10 seconds away and there are several departure screens inside the lounge.

Final impression

The new lounge is a very nice improvement, for the first time with an airside location, just seconds from the gate areas. Nice interior with furniture from Gärsnäs and an improved selection of food and drinks.

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