Review: BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Visited June 2018

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter

This is an updated review of the former Malmö Avation Lounge at Gothenburg Landvetter airport, which has since changed its name to BRA Lounge after the merger between Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg into the new airline BRA – Braathens Regional Airlines. There have also been some minor changes in terms of access and facilities.

Where is it?

The BRA lounge is located airside in the transit hall between gate 15 and gate 16. Nowadays there is just one transit hall for all passengers at the airport so the lounge can be visited by both domestic and international passengers.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
The entrance

How do I get in?

Passengers holding a BRA Extra ticket get in as well as passengers with a BRA Vänner/BRA Friends Gold or Merit card.

The lounge is also accessible using various other Swedish loyalty cards as well as using Priority Pass.

What’s it like?

The new lounge opened in May 2015 and was the first lounge to get the new lounge design in preparation for the launch of the BRA brand later the same year. A similar design has since been introduced in the BRA lounges at Stockholm Bromma and Malmö Sturup. The new design has been created by design firm Grow.

The lounge is fairly small by international standards measuring 100 square metres, but as it is mainly a domestic lounge where most passengers will probably just pop in for a quick visit and perhaps spend less than an hour, the capacity is sufficient.

The lounge is basically divided into three parts – a lobby area with the reception desk and newspapers, a living room with armchairs and a large bookshelf with a TV, and a dining area.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
Inside the lounge

The main area is very nicely decorated with grey armchairs and gives the feeling of being in a living room with a TV and a large bookshelf with books, magazines, vases and flowers. It certainly has a rather homey feeling with four armchairs placed around a low coffee table in front of the TV.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
The TV and the bookshelves

The only drawback is the panorama windows facing the main transit hall meaning all passengers who pass outside the lounge can see who is sitting inside.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
The bar table

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are available from a small self-service buffet area. The food is limited to snacks, canapés, some cold cuts, salads, candies and cookies. The selection varies depending on the time of the day with a focus on locally produced items.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
The self-service buffet area

The selection of drinks include juices, soft drinks, water, coffee and tea. Low-alcohol beer is also available (which does not count as an alcoholic beverage) but there are no other alcoholic drinks.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
Food, snacks and drinks

The restaurant area in the inner part of the lounge offers proper seating with seats and tables as well as colourful cushions. There is also a small bar desk.

BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
The dining area
BRA Lounge, Gothenburg Landvetter
The dining area


Swedish newspapers are available at the entrance, a TV is available and there is free Wi-Fi in the lounge. There is also a toilet.

Final impression

The interior is quite nice, designed much like a living room, and it has quite a homey feeling. Reasonable selection of snacks and drinks for a domestic lounge. The only drawback is that passengers passing outside can see inside the lounge.

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