Dinner in the excellent SWISS Senator Lounge in Zurich

Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich
Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich

Back in another favourite lounge in Europe, the Swiss Senator Lounge in Concourse E at Zürich Kloten airport. The lounge is open throughout the day, from early morning until late evening, but although it can be rather crowded at peak times, especially in the late morning with many longhaul flights departing in the early afternoon, at other times the lounge can be nearly empty, like in the early evening.

The lounge has a fabulous design with a Swiss Alps theme with lots of fun design details. And there are large panorama windows in most directions and there is even an outdoor terrace with a spectacular view of the runways as well as the main terminal complex.

The selection of food is also excellent, with proper hot food made-to-order at the restaurant counter.

Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich
The restaurant counter

Today they have gyros with chips for dinner, and a glass of Swiss red wine to drink with that. Very nice. We are no more than about ten guests so the lounge is very quiet and pleasant this early evening.

Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich
Gyros with chips

There is also a rather nice selection of desserts available for self service in the buffet area, including some cakes, fruit salad and mousse desserts, and there is a rather advanced coffee machine which can even make you some iced coffee.

Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich
Coffee and desserts

And of course the lounge has the fabulous 10/28 Whisky Bar, named after the runway passing right outside the lounge. The selection of whiskies is amazing with over 200 bottles and covers everything from various blended whiskies and Scottish single malts to some very unusual brands from Asia.

Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich
The 10/28 whisky bar

The woman working at the bar is one I have met before and she is nothing but brilliant. Incredibly knowledgeable and approachable and someone who loves to share her very impressive knowledge about whiskies. And since we are so few guests in the lounge she does not mind spending some time arranging a small whisky tasting.

Fortunately I had saved my notes from a previous visit, when I decided to make notes of the different whiskies I tried and what I thought about them, so I started with one I knew for sure I liked. A 12 year old Aberlour, which tastes a bit like rum with a perfectly balanced smoky, but not too strong, taste.

This lounge is absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to come back here many more times in the future.

Dinner in the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zürich
Coffee, desserts and a glass of Aberlour whisky
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