British Airways shorthaul economy class – Will we miss this?

British Airways shorthaul economy class
The inflight service in British Airways shorthaul economy class

Last week British Airways announced they will scrap free inflight service in shorthaul and domestic economy class starting in January 2017. Instead passengers will be able to buy food and drinks from an assortment delivered by M&S, Marks & Spencer. Apparently the decision has been made based on customer feedback.

This is what the inflight service looked like on a BA shorthaul flight in economy class this afternoon. A pastrami, gherkin and mature cheddar sandwich and an apple and cinnamon muffin. And free drinks, including beer, wine and spirits. And no problems whatsoever getting a second bottle of wine.

Is the decision a blessing or curse? Nice to get rid of those pre-packed sandwiches and actually get a choice? Perhaps a decent chicken salad for lunch or a larger and more filling bacon sandwich for dinner? Or are you sad to see everything go?

Well I for one am sad to see the free drinks go, and once the changes are fully implemented you will not even get a glass of water or a cup of coffee for free. And the sandwiches and snacks on the slightly longer shorthaul flights are really not that bad, but I will not miss the nuts and crisps.

And what remains to be seen, will BA Golds/OneWorld Emeralds get anything for free? This has been the case on a number of airlines making a similar switch.

British Airways shorthaul economy class
The inflight service in British Airways shorthoul Economy Class
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