Etihad introduces new rules and allowances for checked luggage

Etihad check-in at Abu Dhabi airport
Etihad check-in, Photo: Etihad

Etihad today announced new allowances for checked luggage with a large number of destinations changi g from weight concept to piece concept. At the same time excess baggage charges are changed and Etihad Guest benefits are revised. The change will come into effect for tickets issued on or after 14 September 2015.

Economy Class: On selected routes the allowed has been changed from 30 kg to two pieces at 23 kg, available for all fares, while on some routes two pieces are only offered for Economy Value and Economy Freedom passengers.

Business Class/First Class: On several routes the allowances has been changed from 40/50 kg to two pieces at 32 kg.

Etihad Guest Gold and Platinum: Passengers can bring an extra piece of luggage at 32 kg.

Etihad Guest Silver: Passengers can bring a minimum of two bags at 23 kg.

Etihad also announces a change in excess baggage fees, which will be reduced. Passengers booking and paying the excess baggage charges in advance, at the latest 24 hours before departure, will receive up to 30 percent discount.

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