Review: Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona Airport, Terminal 1

Visited October 2016

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 seating areas
Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1

Where is it?

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge is located in terminal 1 in the area used for the Barcelona-Madrid shuttle and for domestic flights. It is located at the end of a long pier, in a corner of the airport, a significant walk from the main transit hall and shopping area as well as the gates mostly used for international flights.

How do I get in?

Although the lounge is run as a third-party lounge Iberia is the main airline using it with plenty of Iberia signage both inside and outside the lounge. The lounge is accessible to Iberia business class passengers as well as Iberia Plus Gold and Platinum and OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald members.

The lounge is also acecssible to premium passengers of a few other Spanish airlines such as Vueling and Air Europa. It is also possible to enter using various lounge cards and credit cards although some lounge directories specifically specify the lounge is only available to passengers travelling on the Barcelona-Madrid shuttle.

However, even if access might be given to passengers travelling to other destinations, at the discretion of the reception staff, it is really a very long walk from most international gates and not worth the trek as the facilities are very similar to the other lounges at the airport such as the Sala VIP Pau Casals.

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 entrance
The entrance
Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 entrance
Access rules

What’s it like?

The lounge is not particularly large and basically consists of one large room, but it actually feels quite spacious, mostly thanks to the large panorama windows providing plenty of daylight and which make the lounge feel larger than it really is.

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 interior
Inside the lounge

The design is very modern with the interior and furniture mostly in wood and with large and with comfortable armchairs in black leather to sit in. There is no lack of space for each guest. There are also plenty of tables and side tables.

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 seating areas
Limited apron view

Although there are large panorama windows surrounding the lounge there is not much of a view. From the self-service buffet there is a limited view of the apron but from the rest of the lounge the only view is the car park and the access roads to the airport.

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 seating areas
Comfortable armchairs

Food and drinks

Drinks and snacks are available in the self-service buffet with a drinks counter and a buffet area with snacks, wine and spirits. The coffee machine is a rather nice Nespresso machine.

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 coffee
The coffee corner

The snacks selection is limited to sandwiches, pastries, nuts, crisps and cookies with little substantial to eat. The selection of alcoholic drinks is much better though with a rather decent selection of spirits, beer, red and white wine and sparkling wine.

Sala VIP Colomer Lounge, Barcelona, Terminal 1 self service buffet and bar
Alcoholic drinks and snacks for self service


Free wireless internet is available throughout the airport, including in the lounge. There are several TVs to watch and also a rack with newspapers. Restrooms are located inside the lounge but there are no showers.

Final impression

A very modern lounge with a stylish interior. Plenty to drink but slightly less to eat. But for a domestic lounge is certainly does its job, even quite well.

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