Review: Library Lounge, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, Terminal 1

Visited April 2019

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1

Where is it?

The Library Lounge is located airside in the transit hall for Schengen passengers. After the security control, turn left and take the lift to the lounge which is located on the second floor. The lifts are located close to gate A33. There are several signs to follow

There is also a lounge in the non-Schengen area called The Canopy Lounge. For some reason flights to The Netherlands, Belgium and Greece also depart from the non-Schengen area, even though these are Schengen countries. This also means that passengers departing to any of these countries should use The Canopy Lounge in the non-Schengen area rather than the Library Lounge in the Schengen area.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The lifts for the lounge

How do I get in?

The lounge is used by most full-service airlines departing to Schengen destinations from terminal 1 including Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, LOT and Iberia. Access is given to business class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers such as gold card holders.

It is also possible to pay to access the lounge and to use various lounge cards and credit cards such as Priority Pass.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
A sign describing how to get access

What’s it like?

The lounge used to be called Salon Club Azur Lounge but was recently fully refurbished and got a completely new design and at the same time changed its name.

The new design is quite impressive and a massive change compared to the old previous lounge, which had a rather old and basic design. The lounge also seems to have been enlarged, which was much needed. Overall the lounge is an oasis from the small transit hall, which can be fairly crowded at peak times during the main holiday seasons.

And just like the name suggests the lounge does have a library, with books you can read during the visit.

The lounge is basically divided into two parts. Upon entering from the lift there is a small lobby with the reception desk where you register. The design is modern and quite stylish with most of the interior in blue, grey and white.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The small lobby area with the reception desk to the right of the photo

Right in front of the lobby is the self-service buffet area and to the right a large seating area with sofas. Around the corner from the seating area you will find the self-service bar.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The seating area to the right of the entrance

To the left of the lobby there is a separate room with capsule-style sofas. This is typically the place to go if you want a quieter space.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The room to the left of the entrance with the capsule-style sofas

In this area you will also find a business centre with work desks and internet computers.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
A very stylish interior with sofas and work desks

And this is the area where you can also find the library. Many of the books are designer books but you can also find books covering most areas of interest.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The library

There is also a large beige sofa in the library where you can relax with the book of your choice.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The library with the large sofa

Food and drinks

The self-service buffet area right opposite the reception desk offers a selection of food and snacks which varies depending on the time of the day.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The self-service buffet area to the left and the drinks corner to the right

The selection is not spectacular but you will at least find a reasonable cold buffet and some decent snacks, including some sandwiches.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The self-service buffet area

There is also a fridge with a good selection of desserts, canapés and chocolate pralines.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The selection of desserts

Most drinks are available from the drinks corner, just around the corner from the buffet.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
The drinks corner

There is obviously red and white wine available, beer, soft drinks and a fairly good selection of spirits. At least in the past champagne was available upon request.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
Spirits for self service


Free Wi-Fi is available, there are some newspapers and magazines (and obviously some books in the library) and there are internet desktop computers to use.

Restrooms are available inside the lounge but there are no showers.

Library Lounge, Nice, Terminal 1
Internet computer

Final impression

A surprisingly stylish lounge with a cool and contemporary design which even has its own library with books you can read during the visit. A reasonable but not spectacular selection of food and drinks is available for self service.

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