Review: Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal E

Visited February 2017

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E

Where is it?

The Galaxy Lounge, sometimes called Galaktika Lounge, is located in the international transit hall of terminal E at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, after passport control and security control.

The entrance is on the second floor opposite gate 39. The lounge is rather hidden but not particular hard to find if you follow the signs.

You can use the lounge also if departing on an international flight from terminal D or terminal F, but you will need to allow sufficient time (10-15 minutes) to get to your gate after the visit. There are no document checks or security checkpoints to move between the terminals and they are fully connected airside.

How do I get in?

According to the sign at the entrance the lounge is used by Aeroflot but also by a number of other airlines using terminal E.

It is also possible to enter using various cards such as Priority Pass and Diners Club as well as some credit cards.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
The entrance

What’s it like?

The interior is bright and spacious with armchairs and sofas in black leather and a large part of the interior in orange. There are also several plants to give the lounge some colour.

On the large wall the airport name and terminal are written in capital letters in Cyrillic, in case you had forgotten where you are.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
A view of the interior from the lobby

Otherwise for a third-party lounge at terminal E, which is not the main international terminal at Sheremetyevo, the lounge is in many ways quite impressive given the facilities available.

Food and drinks

The buffet area offers various food, snacks and drinks for self service.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
The self-service buffet area with food and drinks

There are salads, bread rolls with cheese and ham, sandwiches, pastries and usually also something hot such as mini pizzas or pancakes.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
Food and snacks

The drinks selection includes red and white wine, beer, juices, soft drinks and a coffee machine. There are no longer any spirits in the lounges at Sheremetyevo.

And if you are still hungry, or would like something else than sandwiches and pastries to eat, there is a fridge with Russian caviar for purchase.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E


Free wireless internet is available, there are several TVs, a standard selection of newspapers and even a small business centre with work desks. Restrooms and showers are also available.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
Business centre with work desks

There is a duty free shop selling alcohol, tobacco, some food items and also some toys.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
Duty free shop in the lounge

And if you still have some time to spare there is a Thai massage therapist working.

Galaxy Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Terminal E
Thai massage therapist

Final impression

This lounge really has everything you may need during an airport layover. Not just free food, snacks, wine and a fairly nice design, but also a duty free shop, a fridge with caviar for sale, and a Thai massage therapist working in some kind of tent.

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