Review: Diamond Lounge, Brussels Airport (Schengen)

Visited December 2015

Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)
Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)

Where is it?

This question can be divided into two questions – Where is it? And…How do I get there? The exact location is in the basement of terminal A, the Schengen terminal, in the same area as the bus gates. However the correct way to get there (according to the signs, and consequently the airport authorities) is to head for the other lounges on level 2 using the escalators opposite gate A42.

Once there you follow the signs for the Diamond Lounge, turn right just before the Iberia lounge and use the lift around the corner to go two floors down. The lift opens up just around the corner from the entrance. It would have made more sense to direct people directly to the basement from the transit hall but the most probable reason for the setup is that they want all lounge entrances to be in the same area to make it easier and less confusing with the signage.

How do I get in?

The Diamond Lounge is primarily used by Skyteam airlines such as Air France, KLM, Alitalia and Czech Airlines as Star Alliance passengers use the SAS lounge or the Brussels Airlines lounge while OneWorld passengers use the Ibera lounge. It is also possible to access the lounge using a variety of credit cards and lounge cards.

Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)
Lounge sign on level 2

What’s it like?

The old Diamond Lounge was located on level 2, next to the Brussels Airlines lounge. This lounge was closed in 2014, a few months before the new Brussels Airlines The Loft lounge opened, which now occupies the same space. The current Diamond Lounge in the basement was used as a temporary lounge for Brussels Airlines while The Loft Lounge was being constructed and still has the same design and furniture.

Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)
The entrance

The lounge itself is very straight-forward with a reception desk followed by a large room with a self-service buffet on the opposite side and different seating areas. The design is in grey and beige with mostly white and red armchairs and sofas. Even though there is some travel related art to look at on one of the walls as well as a few rather modern lamps, the design feels boring and uninspiring. It is a rather functional lounge rather than a pleasant one.

There is a limited apron view through the windows but as the lounge is located in the basement below the regular gates mostly ground vehicles are visible.

Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)
The interior of the lounge

Food and drinks

The self-service buffet offers a good selection of sandwiches, soup, bread rolls, fresh fruits, snacks, croissants and cookies. Other than the soup no hot food is offered and other than the sandwiches there is not much substantial to eat.

Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)
Self-service buffet

Being located in Brussels there is of course several types of Belgian beer on offer with white and brown Leffe, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden on tap. White and red wines are also offered, a standard selection of spirits, plenty of chilled soft drinks, juices and sodas in a fridge and of course a coffee machine.

Diamond Lounge, Brussels (Schengen)
Belgian beer


Free wireless internet is offered (password is available at the reception), a TV and a small selection of newspapers and magazines. Restrooms are also available inside the lounge but there are no showers.

Final impression

The design leaves a lot to be desired with a rather uninspiring interior and a not particularly exciting apron view. But there are decent sandwiches and croissants and a good selection of drinks. The lounge does its job but it is not a fun place to spend several hours.

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